Chapter 4

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Aphmau POV

I open my eyes to see Katelyns face above my own really closely. Being mature and brave as I am, I scream and roll off of her lap that my head was apparently in.

"What the hell Katelyn!" I scream at her, trying to catch my breath. I see Mitch in the corner of my eye walking in with an... Ice pack? I give him a confused look.

"Jess your awake!" He comes over and hugs me, dropping the ice pack on my lap in the process.

"Yeah. What's with the ice pack?" I ask him, throwing it at Katelyn since it was freezing cold and wet on my lap.

"You hit your head when you fell. How is your head by the way?" He asks me, searching my head for something.

"It's fine why? Also, where is Jerome?" I shove Mitch off of me and stand up, taking the ice pack off of Katelyn and putting it on the table, not caring if the papers would get wet from the water that would come off from the condensation. I just notice now that we are in a different room.

"He went to go call a doctor since you was unconscious for the whole day." I check the clock on the wall to see it was 10pm. I visited Barney at 3pm. Time sure does fly when you're teleporting to different places. That reminds me.

"Barney can you hear me?" I ask, holding my own budder earring.

"Jess! I've been trying to talk to you since you disappeared." I hear Barney reply.

"Sorry about that. I just woke up apparently. I'm with Mitch and my friend right now. How are you guys holding up down their?" I ask, ignoring Mitch who is waving his hand in front of my face. I will just let Katelyn explain what I'm doing.

"We are doing fine. Sky says to hurry up and get us out of here though. He is listening to our conversation." At that, I laugh.

"Hi Sky. Trust me, if I woke up sooner, I would already be their trying to find you."

"He says that you never change. Wait, somebody is coming." I hear Barney say. I sense Katelyn coming to sit next to me so I lean my head on her shoulder.

"Barney I'm going to look through your perspective for a minute. Don't mind the weird feeling." Is all I say before I close my eyes and start concentrating on Barney. I open my eyes to see the rusty cell that they are currently occupying.

"They don't usually come at this time. I wonder what they are here for?" I hear Jin say, paying close attention to the door to the dungeon. Barney turns his head to the door to see about ten Gawkins walking in with... Cadenza in the middle. She isn't wearing her suit so it must be in the earring. They throw her in the cell with Barney and Sky.

"That's Cadenza. She is one of my friends. When the Gawkins leave, tell her to keep her bracelet a secret until I come." I mind link Barney. He nods. Soon, the Gawkins leave.

"Who are you?" I hear Sky ask Cadenza. Before she could reply, Barney does.

"Cadenza. Jess said to keep your bracelet a secret." He says. This stops Cadenza from trying to touch the bat charm on her wrist.

"How do you know of my name?" She gets into a fighting stance.

"I'm going to join your our link with Cadenza. I inform before concentrating on Cadenza.

"Testing. Cadenza can you hear me?" I ask.

"Yes I can." She replies.

"What now Jess?" Barney asks through the link, scaring Cadenza. Cadenza looks over at Barney, shocked.

"How are you in our link?" She asks through the link.

"Technically you are in our link. I joined you onto this link so we could talk. How did you get caught anyway?" I ask her. She mentally sighs.

"I was walking past the mountain when a bunch of Gawkins came and ambushed me. I killed most if them but they somehow stunned me and now here I am."  She sighs again.

"Okay. Well I already know your location and I was coming to save the guys anyway so expect me tomorrow. I have to cut off my side of the link now since I can feel Mitch shaking me. Until next time." I cut off the link and close my eyes. When I open them, I am back in the room I was in before. This time, Mitch's face is in front of my face.

"What is with people and having their faces in mine when I open my eyes!" I shout before sighing.

"Sorry. You had your eyes open and you weren't blinking. You was starting to freak me out." He says.

"Freak US out." Katelyn adds onto what Mitch said.

"I know where they are at." I face Mitch. He widens his eyes.

"Where?" I face Katelyn before talking.

"They are at Loki's base. The place they have been for five years. They also have Cadenza now." Katelyn gasps while Mitch looks confused. I just notice Jerome on the couch asleep.

"Who is Loki and Cadenza?" We both look at him before signing.

"Long story. I will tell you tomorrow after me and Katelyn have gotten them back. You up for it Katelyn?" I turn to her.

"Yeah! Let's kick some Gawkin butt! It is Gawkins that we are fighting right?" She asks. I just giggle and nod.

"What is a Gawkin?" I just give Mitch a look, telling him I can't be bothered to explain. "Okay. Well, you girls can sleep in here since their are two beds. The bathroom is across the hall and I will be in the room next door to you. Goodnight." He waves before leaving.

"I got our bags while you were unconscious. They are in the corner. I will go get changed first." Katelyn says before walking away. I start to fall into the darkness, waiting for Katelyn to come back.

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