Chapter 2

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Liam P.O.V

When we arrived, Zayn jumped out and helped Perrie down from our Jeep. Leigh-Anne stepped out gingerly, again thanking us. None of them had been hurt, although Leanne did have a rather nasty gash on her leg and a cut on her arm. I was about to take her off to the Health tent here with Jade (who insisted I take her).

Suddenly there was a cry from the car and Louis voice complaining they couldn't get out from inside. I contemplated not letting them out at all and glanced at Zayn, who I knew was thinking the same thing. Sighing, I walked over to the car, barely winning the battle with myself on whether to open it or not.

I pulled and dived out the way as two very over excited boys lept out and raced towards the gates of the park. Zayn, Perrie, Jade and Leigh-Anne were besides themselves laughing as I picked myself up off the ground with a little sigh and walked over to them, locking the car on the way.

Jade was still giggling by the times we reached the Health tent. We dropped off Leanne and waited patiently, chatting casually and learning a little more about each other.

I found out that Jade's is obsessed with Disney films and I have to say, she does look a little like one herself. She has a degree in art and is absolutely amazing at it. She showed me a photo on her phone of a painting and it was incredible.

Just then Leigh-Anne came out with a bandage round her leg (which was two millimetres from needing stiches) and a plaster on her arm. She had a safety pin securing the bandage in place and an extra box of plasters in her bag just in case the one she had on fell off on one of the rides.

We exited the tent after and set out to find the others. They had bought ice-creams and were waiting for us. We joined them on the bench as Jesy handed us some ice creams. I raised my eyebrows at the boys.

"You get the same one everytime..." Niall said.

"I'm getting worried on how you know me so well." I commented, sending the group into a fit of giggles.

Three hours later we had been on several rides and decided it was time for lunch. The time was one -thirty when we sat down with our hotdogs and burgers. We shared two packets of chips and planned our afternoon. We decided to do a few more rides and finish with the Ferris Wheel. Everyone seemed content with this so without further ado we binned our rubbish and charged straight for SAW.

Since the carriages seated eight we fit perfectly. The seating plan went Zayn, Perrie, Me, Jesy on the front then, Louis Niall, Jade, Leigh-Anne on the back. Louis and Niall were bouncing excitedly and Perrie looked dead nervous but was somehow laughing about it.

Zayn P.O.V (I know, P.O.V switch = not cool, shut up)

Perrie looked immensely nervous as we sat down on the ride but managed to laugh at all the jokes the others were ranting on about. As soon as the ride started she gripped the side so hard her knuckled were white. I gently took one of her hands in mine and squeezed it. She smiled gratefully.

"I'm absolutely useless with roller-coasters," she explained, "I will probably kill your ears screaming on this one." I laughed.

"You obviously haven't heard Louis when we finds out there are no carr- AAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!" The ride suddenly took of at death-defying speed which left me and Perrie screaming for our lives. When it slowed down slightly we both released a large breath before laughing hysterically. Everyone in the car was too until it took off again. This time Perrie clung to me and shut her eyes as we did a loop-the-loop and opened them again when we slowed down. Without releasing me she peered over the side of the car then turned to me.

"We're going up."

"I have a feeling we're going to be going back down again." Perrie started laughing out of pure terror and nervousness so I wrapped my arms around her tightly. Suddenly we reached the top and the ride felt like it had stopped. We glanced at each other nervously.

"I have a feeling it going to take a picture," Jesy said which sent us all into hysterics, "Everybody make a funny face to the camera!" Immediately afterwards the carriage surged forwards and sent us hurtling down a 100ft drop just beneath four large rolling saws. Perrie opened her eyes and glanced at me, before pulling a face at the camera I did too just as the flash went. I turned to look at the others.

Liam and Jesy were laughing and so was Leigh-Anne except Jade had flung herself onto Leigh-Anne. She looked rather scared but was laughing when we got off the ride. I didn't manage to look at Lou and Niall because just then the ride stopped and we were told to get off. We charged over to the picture place and waited for ours to come up.

When it did, we were in tears. Absolute tears of laughter it was so funny. It started with me and Perrie making a funny face and next to us Jesy and Liam laughing their socks off. Behind them Jade had flung herself onto Leigh-Anne like it was a matter between life and death but Leigh-Anne had her hand in hers and was laughing as well. Next to them were Louis and Niall, clinging to each other for dear life with pure terror etched onto their faces. They looked so scared I thought they were gonna cry or piss themselves or something!

Perrie started pointing to Lou and Ni in the midst of her laughter which sent us all into a fresh set of hysterics. We bought two copies cause it was just so funny before walking off to the other rides.

Half an hour later we were queuing for the Ferris Wheel and chatting excitedly. The day had gone by so quickly. Me and Perrie were at the front of the queue with Liam and Jesy behind us then the rest just in a clump behind them. In front of us were a group of boys a little older than us.

As we were reaching the ride, the excitement was building. I turned to the others as the boys in front of us climbed on and was about to say something when we heard a scream.

Perrie was being dragged onto one of the cars by the boys in front of us kicking and screaming. I sprinted after them arriving at the carriage just as they shut the doors. They pushed Perrie to the back before they took off the ground. Without thinking I jumped and grabbed one of the sturdy beams on the bottom of the carriage and was lifted off the ground.

"Zayn! Are you an idiot?!" Liam screamed ushering Niall and Jesy into the next carriage however Louis and Jade ran off somewhere else. Liam was too distraught right now to try and find them.

I was still hanging and praying for dear life I didn't fall. 

Louis P.O.V (Bit of a P.O.V whiplash - I apologise)

I grabbed Jade's hand and pointed to the control station and no more words we needed. We charged there and slammed open the door. The guy sitting there looked very confused and tried to usher us out so I punched him and dragged him outside. Jade had turned all the televisions to face us  so we had a view of every part of the ride. I could see right now those guys has cornered Perrie and were tying her hands whilst spitting in her face and screaming at her.

Jade dashed outside and told everyone the ride wouldn't be working for a while. I plonked myself down in the chair and looked frantically at the buttons and levers facing me. Some were clearly marked  like the "STOP" button but most were just confusing. Suddenly it hit me. These buttons operated the doors for the carriages. I tried it on an empty carriage. The door opened swiftly and quickly. Yes.

Leigh-Anne suddenly burst in.

"I have a plan."


Agh! So Perrie's kidnapped and Leigh-Anne has a plan to save her... But what? Thanks for reading if you did and please tell me whether the chapters are too long, too short, too boring whatever. Hope you like!


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