Chapter One.

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“Come on, Saph! Get one more drink down you! Just one more drink!” Cassie nudged me whilst holding a bottle containing blue liquid in her right hand, and another bottle containing a bright green liquid in her left, she forced the green bottle into my hands, spilling some along the way. I sighed, I had lost track of how many of these bottles she had forced me to have over the course of the night.

I shook my head and tried to hand Cassie the bottle back.

“I’ve had enough,” I protested, knowing full well that by saying this I would be the laughing stock of my friend group, Amy snorted loudly.

“You’ve had enough?” Amy howled in laughter, spilling some of her drink on the floor, she stepped over the puddle that she had just created and walked closer to me, barely able to stand up on her own. “I’ve had much more than you’ve had to drink and I’m absolutely fine! Have another!”

“Fucking lightweight! C’mon, drink up!” Cassie pressed on, I sighed.

I rolled my eyes at them.

“Fine, I’ll have this one!” I moaned. If I’m honest, I didn’t even want to go out drinking tonight, I had a nice plan to stay curled up on the sofa in my pyjamas before Cassie turned up on my front door and demanded I got ready. “This is the last one I’m having though, girls,”

“That’s my ‘gal!” Amy grinned, taking a big swig out of her bottle. I smiled and took a sip out of my bottle; I was drunk enough as it was, I didn’t need any more alcohol.

“If she didn’t want to drink it, you shouldn’t force her to do it…” Sara mumbled.

“Oh lighten up and get a sense of fun, Sara!” Amy complained.

“Yeah, lighten up you bore.” Cassie added.

“We only came out here to have a laugh and a few drinks, not to get completely pissed out of our heads so that we don’t remember a single thing in the morning! It’s only a social gathering.” Sara replied, I remained quiet but was secretly agreeing with Sara. She had a point.

I admired Sara; she was one of my closest friends, she and I had known each other for a while and she always knew the right words to say to get us out of any situation. She was smart, funny and witty but also had a sensible and serious side to her if it was necessary, she was able to stand up for her beliefs and opinions, even against Cassie and Amy who are equally as strong willed and opinionated as Sara. I was amazed at how Sara could be so strong against them, as I was a bit of a push over.

 “Speak for yourself, Sara! I wanna get completely wankered out of my face and have a laugh! If I take enough pictures I will be able to see what happened tonight and I’d be able to laugh the next morning too! I’ll wake up with a hangover to remember it all by! So what if I don’t remember exactly what was done or said tonight, that’s part of being a student!” Amy replied, half laughing at each word she managed to say. Sara rolled her eyes, I still remained silent; not because I didn’t know what to say, but because I was fed up of being the one in the middle as per usual when my group of friends had their annoying disagreements.

“Well said Amy!” Cassie praised, I rolled my eyes.

Amy and I had a lot of memories together; we had known each other since we were toddlers and we had been close friends ever since, however, when the new boyfriend came into the equation and we started college I started to see less of the Amy that I knew and loved. More of this ‘I don’t care, let’s get drunk’ Amy came into the limelight instead. She had changed massively, she was never a mouthy character from what I could remember until she grew up into a young adult, she then became more aware that she could make a scene and get as much attention as she wanted on her, so she started to use her mouth more. If I was honest, I missed the old Amy who was a shy, petite little thing who was kind and caring, that Amy seemed to have been taken over and replaced with someone that I never thought she would be. Someone that she said she would never become.

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