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i haven't updated in forever.

sorry about that. a lot has been going on with me although it's summer and i have to juggle doing extra curriculars and going to therapy and my own free time with doing this story so my updates won't be as frequent.

however, if you are ever waiting for an update on this and want something to read, check out my newer story deal with it, it's a calum fic so feel free to read if you'd like.

my writing may take a turn since i am constantly growing and developing and i want to become a more professional writer but this story is just more for fun. anyways, i talk too much, enjoy!

chapter seven: put some clothes on.

The whole room was quiet, besides constant shuffling made by Luke, who kept taking glimpses at Ava although she was already looking straight at him. The other three - Ashton, Becca, and Calum - who hadn't known of Luke and Ava's previous encounter, were left waiting for an explanation which hadn't happened yet. They were clueless, but they could tell whatever occurred between their two friends was something important, considering their passive glances at each other.

"What do you mean, you've met before?" Calum questioned, lifting an eyebrow as he broke the silence. His words made everyone else erupt into noise, everyone else suddenly asking things here and there.

"Yeah, hotshot," Becca said through a mouthful of cold pizza she found in Calum's fridge, "What do you have to do with Ava?"

No one answered her, but she remembered something. She gulped then, swallowing her food, eyes wide with realization. She began to stare at Ava and crossed her arms.

"He's the reason you were late the other night? This tree was the cause of it?" Becca scolded, pointing at said "tree" and giving her friend an expression of disapproval.

"Don't blame her," Luke defended, "She was caught up, both of us were actually, since the subway was malfunctioning or something. We just went out and ate some pizza and didn't realize the time."

"Oh I'm not blaming her," Becca protested from the couch, taking another bite of her pizza. "I'm blaming you."

If you couldn't tell, she didn't like Luke very much. Or at all, really. You couldn't blame her, in all honesty, because to everyone but Ava he didn't exactly have the best reputation. Needless to say, Becca wouldn't be afraid to castrate him if he hurt her friend.

Luke averted his eyes to Ava, who had nothing to add to the conversation. She had been quiet and remained to be so. She sat shyly, not glancing up from her fingers. She played with her thumb ring, repeatedly twirling it. He opened his mouth, still not taking his gaze off her, but was interrupted by Calum.

Calum had a devious smirk on his face and Luke knew that wasn't good. The tan boy stepped forward and chuckled, "Woah, woah, wait a minute." He stepped in front of Ava and dramatically pointed at her and said a little too loudly, "So she's the girl you won't stop blabbing about?"

This got Ava's attention. She snapped her head up so quickly Luke was afraid that it would break her neck. She had a small smile on her face while Luke felt a growing blush on his.

"What?" Ava asked, clearly wanting to know more about Calum's accusation.

"Oh, nothing. It's just that Hemmings over here has been nonstop talking about a girl he met at a subway, but he never told us her name. Usually, no offense to you Ava, but he usually talks about a good fuck. However, this mystery girl was....How did he describe her, Ashton?"

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