Blood Thirsty ,Chapter 2

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The bartender suddenly left and went down the hall past the black door, and out a red screened door. 

I slid off the seat and followed her keeping a close distance. I waited inside watching her every move as she went and lit a cigarette. She seemed to be talking to herself but I didn't care to listen, I only watched. When she walked around the corner of the building, I stalked in her shadows.

She seemed to be done with her cigarette because she threw it on the ground and smothered it with her foot. She picked up her name tag that was lying on an old woodened bench and unhooked the pin. "Damn" she said to herself, as she lifted the needle out of her finger

I inhaled deeply and every hair on my body rose, my nostrils flared and my body reacted further than my mind. I charged forward and attacked her.

The smell of her blood was mesmerizing. As any cat is trained to do, I lunged for her throat. My unbeating heart pounded in my chest. The girl screamed, but at the exact moment when my fangs dug themselves into place, I felt an electrical charge burst up my spine.

 My head sprung back as I felt my thirst grow. Just as I was going back for more, a door slammed and Blake came around the corner. His face was furious, as he drew his hand and moved it to the left. Something powerful had lifted me in the air and threw me through a brick wall. "OW!" I yelped as my body fell to the ground. "I said no biting!" he growled, "not here anyways". "And now look what you've done!" he said, "Now I have to dispose of it".

He turned around and examined the body, "Hmm..." he said quietly, lost in thought.  

As I lay there, numb, my body begins to shake, and my vision is blurred. I shut my eyes hoping everything will go away. But this only seems to make things worse. An unbelievable pain starts to pierce my Jugular. Millions of images started to race through my mind, until I lost complete control. The darkness I was avoiding, took me away.  

Blake turned around, seeing me still on the ground face first, he came over. Though I was unconscious, I somewhat knew it was him, because of his squeaky black leather shoes, and the way he smelled. It was weird how I knew what was happening though I wasn't actually present. "Crap" he said. As I lay there somewhat peacefully, I heard a low ruffled sound.

 In Blake's mind I saw him go back inside to look for a large black trash bag. I didn't move, and since I had no reason to breathe, I didn't. I heard the door open from the other side of the building. I saw Blake in hand with a black trash bag and some trash

. In his mind I saw him grab her arms and pull her into the bag; he added what was left from the dumpster and dragged her off into the dark forest. In his mind I saw him take her down past the trail, all the while, making little noise as possible.

 When he came to the swamp, he threw the bag into the murky water. He had said something I was sure of it, but my mind was distracted as I heard a man say "Oh my god!" and a women dial 911.

 I could feel the man moving me over, every touch hurt more than ever. He touched my wrist and I heard him counting to himself

, 1...2....3....4...5....

Within a couple of minutes, I heard a loud siren sound off. I started to notice that more than 1 person was touching me and looking for a sign of life. Finally they lifted me onto a very soft bed. I felt a slight breeze as they rolled me away, but it went away as soon as I heard two doors shut in front of me.

As I lay there quite comfortable, I saw and felt in Blakes' mind fear as he went around the corner for me. I was gone and he couldn't find me, nor would he because every trace of me was taken.

 I saw him burst into a flash. He ran to the black door where he had originally dropped me off. He pushed open the door and said "Um, we have a problem.... I've lost the girl". In his mind I saw a pale creature sitting in a chair not facing him.

He had his right hand out and shook it left and right. "Now, Now" he said in a dark tone. "You know you must get her back, before she causes any real damage."

 Blake replied in an exhausted voice, "I know". "How am I supposed to find her?" he asked. You of all people should know it takes thousands of years to master tracking, I'm only 786 years old!"

"Oh you'll find a way." He answered while smiling

. "Now go!" he ordered

. "If you wait too long the humans will cover up her scent and you'll never find her." Blake turned around and rushed out the back door yet again. He caught a whiff of my rose like scent and started running.  

~Bright lights were everywhere when I opened my eyes. Strange beings in blue gowns surrounded me with curious eyes. As I already knew what they were, they were yet to find out was I was.

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