Nyron's To-Do List

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Written after landing on Zygerria.

1) Find rum and/or whiskey.
2) Drink said beverage.
3) Spend my 5,000 credits.
4) Start a fight.
5) Freak some people out.
6) Stab somebody.
7) Find that guy on the map thingy.
8) Let him live. (Ishti will go mental, lol)
9) Stab someone else.
10) Work out where I'm going next.
11) Find Ishti again (He's so fun to annoy)
12) Get more money.
13) Get more alcohol.
14) Stab more people.
15) When can I have my fun?

Side Note #1: Watch out for that blowpipe.
Side Note #2: Avoid the subject of the Voxes.
Side Note #3: I'm bored now.

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