Chapter 1

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Her Bucket List

Laura's P.O.V

The bell rang,signaling the end of the day.I got up with the rest of the class,ready to bolt out.

"Miss Marano,can you wait a few minutes?"my Creative Writing teacher,Miss Caroline,said right as I reached the door way.I muttered some curses under my breath,but turned around with a big smile on my face.

"What do you need?"I said,using my teacher's pet voice.

Miss Caroline was in her early 30's and still loving the single life.She was a dramatic red-head who wore a smile everyday-so much that you couldn't tell which was fake,and which wasn't.She was tall and lean,and loved to dress like a hippie sometimes.

"You are aware that you are failing my class,"Miss Caroline said.I frowned and turned my head to look out the door,before turning back to Miss Caroline and taking a seat in front of her desk.

"Miss Caroline,not too loud,"I said.

I hated being reminded of that.I did very well in my other classes,but never in Miss Caroline's.Why?My imagination never run wild enough to put down into writing,so most of the time I found myself writing essays instead of stories.

For me,it was kind of embarrassing.I mean,who would stick their F onto their forehead and walk around?No one.

"But it's not over for you just yet.I have a solution,"Miss Caroline continued,her hazel eyes sparkling.This can't be good."If you can write something so good that it will blow my mind,in the next month,I won't have to cut you out of my class!"

My mood dampened even more.If Miss Caroline kicked me out of her class,Home Economics was my only option,and I couldn't cook for shit."Can I do something else?"

"It's either that,or you leave."

"Okay,I'll try,"I muttered,which made Miss Caroline clap her hands in glee.

"Great!Can't wait!!"she said,then shooed me out of the class.

I head to the school field where the cheerleaders and footballers are busy practicing and take a seat at the bleachers,wanting to think about what I'd do from here before going home.Just as I let out a sigh,I'm suddenly hit square in the face by a football.I yelp in surprise and feel something trickling out of my nose.I touch the liquid with my fingers and bring it up to my face.Blood.

Anger fills me as I glare at the ball now resting in my lap.

"Hey!Girl with the mismatched polka dots socks!"

My head shot up,and with a hand on my hurting nose,I focused on the boys on the field who were now all staring at me.

"Yeah,you!Can we have our ball back?"

That person spoke again.My gaze zeroed in on him and I recognized him immediately.He was none other than Ross Lynch,the quarterback and all too famous playboy of CornerStone High.He was blonde with chocolate-coloured eyes and was about 6ft with a lean but muscular build.

"Aw,Ross,I think she likes you,"one of his teammates cooed,and the rest of them laughed."She can't stop staring at you."

"As usual,"Ross replies,cockily.He began to walk towards me,every eye on both of us-even the cheerleaders had stopped practicing and were now watching us curiously."You've got me here,I've talked to you.So can you just hand over the ball?"

I glared at him and raised the ball with my free hand."Oh you mean this thing that almost knocked my nose off?I'm even bleeding!"

I was what people referred to as a nerd.No,not those cliche nerds with thick-rimmed glasses,a know-it-all voice and a centuries old fashion sense.They just called me that because I liked to study and my fashion sense was actually not that great.

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