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"wake up Snape has found out about the Slytherines common room and room and hes shouting at Dumbledors and Mcgonnogal.come quick"Fres shouted

"I jump out of bed and follow Fred down to where there is a big crowd of people watching the scene unfold.

"It had to be one of the Griffindores no one else would do this,I cant beleive this would happen,your the headmaster,do something about,I want you to find out who has did this and if you dont I will"shouted Snape

"Calm down"Said Dumbledore calmly

I will not calm down,your house is a pack of filthy wild animals,keep them under control,just because you think your the best having Prince Potter in your house does not mean you let them do what ever they want"Snape shouted at Professor Mcgonnogal

"Trust me Professor Snape when i find out who did it they will be severly punished so dont go around be rude to other people and for all we know it might not have been someone out of Griffindore"Professor McGonnagal said

"Oh so you think someone in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw would redecorate the Slytherines dorms with Griffendore thing,I think not and I dont recall seeing the Weasley twins are Miss Black at the Quidditch match"said Snape looking at us

"Well I was very sick and Fred and George stayed to look after me"I say

"oh so it so happens you are the only ones in the castle and with two pranksters of the school when a huge prank happens or is it coincidence?"snape asks

"Well yeah It probs was a coincedence"I say

Snape reaches out to grab me but I back away

"Snape"Dumbledore warns

"she was sick she was throwing up when we came back from the quidditch match in her bed"Hermione said

"oh is that so and are you all better now?"Snape sneered

"why yes thank you,my body works in mysterious ways"I say

He looks like he'll pounce on me any minute and rip my head off.

"Empty your pockets!"He says to Fred and George

"No what if we dont want to"Fred says

"open your pockets!!"he screams at Fred oh no hes gonna get the sweets

"Alright calm down"George says,as both of them go to empty there pockets.

What are you doing"I hiss at them not loud enough for anyone else to here.

"dont worry we will say you wernt apart of it"they whisper

They empty the pockets which contained a bunch of sweets.

Snape snatched one and walked to Neville who he knows will do anything hes told as he is very afraid of Snape.

"Eat it"He says to Neville giving him the sweet.

"Dont Neville"George says

"um no"Neville says quietly

"Eat it!Snape shouts at him"Professor this is quite enough"Professor dumbledore says

Snape turns and looks at Neville and Neville Eats the sweet shakily.Oh no

Fred finds a bucket and runs over to Neville in time for him to be sick in it.

I run over to Neville to comfort him."Your horrible you knew what it was going to do,why did you pick on Neville"I shouted at Snape

"So miss.Granger they did do this and before you walked in Miss Black here took this sweet to pretend she was sick"Snape said looking at Hermione

"Isnt this right Miss Black"Hensays turning to me

"No I was Generally sick and had nothing to do with it"I say

"Dont lie to me you were the only people in the castle at that point"Snape screamed grabbing me,everyone was silent

"Alright I did it"I said quietly shakeing "Snape put her down right now"Dumbledore said angrily

Snape puts me down and I back away,Snape goes over to Dumbledore to talk to him.

Someone drags me away into the Slytherine common where I see my work and I smile at it.

I look around and all the slytherines are standing around me glaring at me.

Draco and some older boys come over to me.

"Why did you do this"Draco asks "Its payback for what you did at lunch"I say

"Well we are getting payback for this"some boy says gesturing to the common room.

A group of boys come up and start punching me and kicking me.

"Get off me"I shout but they still keep punching me

I falk to the floor and take in the pain as theres not much else to do.

The potrait door is still openbut noone will notice whats happeening in here seeing as most of the school is outside in a bid crowd.

I hear Snape shouting " Where did she go,shes did a runner I knew I should have kept an eye on her,Where has she gone"Snape screams outside.

I have an idea.

I message Dumbledore through my head Help me I am in The slytherine common room they dragged me away,they are beating m...I try to finish but someone kicks me in the head and a shock of pain runs through my body.Aahhh"I scream and they all laugh.

"Get away from her now"Dumbledore shouts and the kicking and punching stops.

I open my eyes and try to stand up but my legs are in so much pain but I grab onto the sofa to hold me up.

Professor Dumbledore calls for Snape and Mcgonnagal and they come in,with snape mumbling under his breath.They both see me and Professor Mcgonnagal gasps and Snape looks furious."Who did this"He yells but no one answers.He comes over to me "Snape"Dumbledore warns

"Who did this to you"he says still furious but more gentle.

I left my finger and point to the group of people who beat me up which was easy as they were standing further forward and in a small group.

Snape walks over to them and grab all of them harsely and leads them out.

Professor Mcgonnagal gently grabs me "I will bring you to the hospital wing"She says "No i am fine I just want to go to bed"I say because it is like 8 anyway so i might aswell

She looks over at Dumbledore and he nods his head."Alright but I will get Professor Snape to send you up a potion to take away the pain,Wait here and I will get Fred and George to help you walk up"she say and I nod my head

Fred and George come rushing in and they gasp when they see me "are you alright " they ask

"Yeah just bring me too my room"I say

they grab onto an arm each and led me outside,luckily the crowed of people were gone.

One we get to the common room everyone looks up and gasps"Are you alright asks basically everyone that knows me

I walk over to where Ron,Hermione Ginny and Harry and Neville are

"What happened to you?"Asks Harry "well when Snape turned to talk to Professor Dumbledore people grabbe me and draggged me into their common room asking why I did it to their common room and that they wanted revenge,then a group of boys started to beat me up,I sent Dumbledore a message through my mind asking him to help me he came in then called snape and mcgonnagol and snape took the group of boy out and mcgonnagol called fred and george and they brought me up here. "Thats horrible"Hermione says "are they getting expelled"ron asks me "I dont know but I am away to bed"I say I say goodnight to everyone and go to bed with my whole body sore

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