Chapter 43

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Previously in Dark& Dangerous Love

“Stay here, there’s danger in the village ahead, if anyone but me approaches you, take the horse and escape as fast as you can.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about men, if the danger in that village are Zayn’s men then he wouldn’t want to kill me until he finds you, he will want to use me to blackmail you, but whatever you do, don’t give trade your life for mine again. You’ve already made that mistake once, I don’t want you to suffer again because of me.”

“No, please, we can find another village to get food, you don’t have to risk your life!” Evelyn pleaded, unwilling to bear the thought that she might lose him this soon after finding him.

“No, we can’t, I don’t know where the next village will be, we need supplies, a lot of it, if we’re going to survive this journey. The temperature is dropping, and we need a tent to sleep in otherwise we will freeze to deaths in our sleep.” And without waiting for Evelyn's protest, he walked away.

Evelyn wanted to open her mouth to call him back, but she couldn’t risk the possibilities of someone hearing her. So silently, she watched Ethan walking away, tears stinging in her eyes.


Chapter 43:

Ethan had always been privileged.

Ever since the day that he was born, he had a silver spoon in his mouth.

Servants and nannies tended to his every need, and he had always stood with his head held high, because he was lucky, he was one of the few human families who had a little bit of control over their lives.

Ethan had been taught to be proud of himself and his heritage. ’Never bow down to the ones who terrorize us,’ his father used to say. ‘Stand tall and stand strong, we are all that’s left of the human race’s dignity.’ Those were the words that Ethan followed throughout his life. They were the Redfern’s motto in life. They needed to represent the fact that the human race still had their dignity and that the vampire can’t push all of them around just because they had more powers than the humans.

But as he walked through the small, western-looking and very gothic, village, Ethan couldn’t help but go against his father’s words. He held his head down like a coward, not drawing any attention to himself. With the large, overly-sized hood hanging over his face, he hoped that the vampires in the village wouldn’t know who he was.

It wasn’t the ways of a Redfern to force himself to walk amongst vampires so spinelessly, and Ethan felt unnatural to walk amongst the supernatural monsters with his eyes lowered only to the ground beneath his feet, not meeting the gaze of anyone. He must’ve looked fearful in their eyes, a young man, lost, and terrified.

But he wasn’t, he was never scared of the vampires.

In fact, if he was on his own – even if he was a fugitive – he would be walking down the street with his head held high. But he wasn’t on his own, he had Evelyn with him.

And for Evelyn, he would do anything.

Even degrading himself to a pusillanimous coward. For her safety.

He hoped that Zayn still hadn’t realized that Evelyn had gone. It was a possibility that Venice had caused such a havoc upon the Royal City that Zayn had other things on his mind beside from Evelyn, but Ethan highly doubted that.

If he was Zayn, the moment that the battle even calms in the slightest, he would go find her.

And when he walked into the little shop in the town square, he realized just how fast Zayn had realized Evelyn's disappearance, and Ethan’s involvement in it.

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