#10- birthday

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Alex didn't like birthdays. Birthdays reminded him of bad memories of home. Birthdays reminded him of his absent father, his dead mother, his depressed cousin. Overall, birthdays were not Alex's favorite thing.

However, John LOVED birthdays. Birthdays had nothing but good memories for him. Birthdays were the days when his father actually seemed fatherly, on birthdays his dad didn't drink, he was kind and loving.

It just so happened that it was almost Alex's birthday.  Alex had told John many times that he wanted his birthday to be like any other day, normal. Not a big deal. But John just didn't get it.

John and Alex were sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee when John put down his newspaper roughly. Alex jumped a little, surprised.

"How can you not want to do something for your birthday?" he asked

"I've told you like six billion times John, I don't want to do anything." replied Alex, exasperated.

"Alright, we won't make it a big deal, we won't tell everyone about it, we won't have a giant party, but please please let me take you on a date. Let me give you a sweet and thoughtful present. Let us have a day to celebrate you."

"Well that doesn't sound bad..." said Alex slowly.

"Alright we're doing it." said John decisively.

**********le time skip**********

"A carnival?" squealed Alex happily. "I haven't been to a carnival since I was like six! This is so exciting, John!"

John just smiled to himself.

"John they have a petting zoo!" yelled Alex, dragging him towards the yellow tent.

As Alex made goo goo eyes over the sheep and rabbits, John slipped away stealthily and returned with fried dough heavy with cinnamon and powdered sugar.

They milled around the fairgrounds until a huge, sparkly sign caught Alex's eye.

"Fried Twinkies, John! We have to try it!"

"Anything for my hot boyfriend on his birthday." said John, pulling out his wallet.

Alex's excitement disappeared once he actually tried the fried Twinkie, discovering that some things are just better in theory than in reality.

When they both had had their fill of carousels and circusy acts, they went over to the game alley.

Alex, being the cute bookworm he is, was pretty much hopeless at all the games.

John, however, was spectacular. By the time they had made it through about 5 booths, Alex's arms were weighed down with all the stuffed animals John was winning as prizes.

As Alex sat on a bench, watching John playing more games, a little boy who couldn't have been more than 8 approached him.

"Hi. I'm Alex." he said

"Did you win all those prizes?" the little boy asked, his eyes wide.

"I didn't." said Alex. "My boyfriend did." He pointed at John.

"Your boyfriend?" asked the boy, tilting his head.

"Yeah." said Alex. "His name is John."

"You're a boy, and you have a boyfriend?" the boy asked, looking confused.

"Yes." said Alex. "It's quite common."

The little boy broke out into a huge grin. "I didn't know that. You know, I like a boy in my class. His name is Cas. Maybe he'll be my boyfriend when I grow up."

"Maybe." said Alex smiling.

"Come on, Dean!" yelled a tall man holding the hand of another toddler boy.

The little boy hopped down from the bench. "Wait." said Alex. He handed him a huge stuffed frog. "Bye, Dean" he said

"Bye Alex."

"Who was that?" asked John, walking up with another stuffed animal in his arms.

"I just met a smol gay." said Alex, smiling widely.

Alex stood up and he and John walked hand in hand together along the river.

As they stood along the river, looking at the city, John took a red velvet box out of his pocket and gave it to Alex.

Alex opened it. Inside was a beautiful silver necklace, two interlocked hearts on a delicate chain. Alex gasped.

"John!" he said. He put the necklace on. "It's so gorgeous."

"Not as gorgeous as you, babe."

And later that night Alex was nestled between John's arms.
"Best birthday ever." he said as he drifted to sleep

A/N: low key had to add some destiel in there bcuz I mean... Destiel
well guess whose birthday was on Tuesday?
That's right, this bitch
I'm 14 now am I cool yet
lol sorry I'm a little kid
xx Luke

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