Cries ~ 2

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"Mia!" Thomas shouted as he searched all over his house, searching for his wife. "Where are you?"
When he was finished searching all the rooms, including the garage, he sat in the front porch, head buried in his hands. "Where could she be?"

The Thurmans lived in a secluded part of the area. They had just one neighbor and the other houses near theirs were empty. And they had just moved out a week ago.

He was utterly helpless, he couldn't find Mia. She had even left her phone in the house. Thomas had no idea what to do now. It wasn't like she was lost or something, she was an adult and she can go anywhere she wants without anybody knowing. She can, but she hasn't. Until now. She has always told Thomas where she was going or stuck the note on the fridge. She has never disappeared like this.

Suddenly, he remembered Mia saying that new neighbors have moved in the day before. "They probably know where she went," he said out loud to himself and went to the house next to his.

When he saw the door wide open, he was confused. Also, he had the feeling of suspicion. 'Something's off,' he thought. "Hello? Anybody home?" he said and walked across the living room. When he reached the kitchen, he gasped. His eyes showed his brain the state of his blacked out wife. He quickly filled a glass of water and sprinkled it on her.

She woke up and saw him first. "Tom!" She cried and got up to hug him. "Sh... It's okay..." he said as he soothed his panicking wife.

"No, Tom, the woman, the blood, right there... She... Blood, all over the floor, from her stomach... The glass, pieces, clock, baby..." she stopped.

"Calm down... What woman? What baby?" Thomas asked, but Mia ignored him and began searching. "Honey what are you doing?"

"No, no, no... Rae!" she screamed, running all over the kitchen, searching for the baby. "The baby?" he asked and she nodded, moving to the living room and searching for the child.

"In here, Mia!" Thomas cried after a few minutes, from the nursery. When Mia rushed into the nursery, she froze.

The baby was there, in her crib, sleeping peacefully. Mia doubled over and picked her, cuddling the baby in her arms and kissing her forehead all over.

"Rae!" she whispered and sobbed silently, letting all the tears of losing her out of herself.

"Will you tell me what's going on, Mia?" an annoyed Thomas asked.

"You won't believe it, Tom. I came here to wish our neighbors hello. The door was open. So, I entered and searched for them. And then I heard the baby crying. I saw the baby in the nursery. And then, in the kitchen, I saw that woman, with blood coming from the stomach and she asked me to take care of Rae and then she died... Then the clock struck ten, glasses shattered, the woman was not there anymore..." She panicked.

"Sh... Baby, sh... It's alright. It's okay. Breathe in, breathe out..." Thomas said.

And so did Mia. "Now, where was the woman lying?" Thomas asked and she walked to the kitchen and showed him.

But there was nothing there. Not the woman, not a drop of blood. It was clean and clear with no trail whatsoever. "But.. But... The blood was right there... The stain was there on the floor, on Rae's forehead..." she mumbled and looked at Rae's forehead. But that was clean as well.

"How did Rae go back to the crib?" Mia asked. "She must have crawled, honey," Thomas said, trying to make some logical sense into the paranormal situation.

"But that's not possible. She can't be much older than 6 months. She couldn't crawl that long... Neither could she climb up the crib... This is not possible..." she whispered over and over again.

Thomas looked around the house and found nobody in there. "Did you notice something, Mia? There are no cardboard boxes in any other rooms except the nursery. Some of the child's things are unpacked but the rest of the house is empty. There is no trace of an adult living in this house at all. I can't even find house slippers here."

Mia looked at Rae and Rae stared back, with those chocolate brown eyes filled with curiosity. "Who would dare leave such a doll alone in this house like this?"

Thomas said, "Something's off here. There's something terribly wrong here... Wait, I'll call the realtor of this house. I know that guy."

He walked to the backyard and called the realtor. Mia just stood there, entertaining a curious Rae and trying to push the horror of the previous events out of her mind.

After five minutes, Thomas came inside. "Mia, there's a problem."


"No one bought the house at all. No lease, no rent, no sale. This house has not been taken out of the market yet."

"How is that possible? I saw packers and movers roaming around the house this week and lights going on and off frequently. How can they enter a house that they haven't bought?"

"But there's no one here, Mia. Just the child. No one else. You said you saw a woman dying! There's not a drop of blood here. I suggest we call the cops and hand over the child and explain it all to them."

"No!" Mia said. "What?" a confused Thomas asked. "I don't want to give away Rae. She's mine!" she cried.

"Sweetie, we don't know who the child belongs to! You can't just have a child you found out in the open!"

"Tom, we have wanted a child like forever! And now we found one with no one to claim her!"

"Honey, please listen to me. We'll at least call the cops, alright? We'll adopt her if you want, but first let us call the cops."

Mia nodded, looking at Rae and admiring her. And Rae looked back, adjusting herself to a new mommy.

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