12 • jokes and ice creams

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Chapter Twelve

"I think we should call him Ten junior."

Ten and I are under my cherry blossom spot, thinking of baby names. After our teacher gave us our "babies", she told us that above anything, we should name them first.

➹ ➹ ➹

"But Mrs. Yoon, can't we change partners? Why does my partner have to be a boy, too? Don't you think it's awkward?"

Our teacher grinned and looked at Taehyung, "Why would you think it's awkward? I mean, if you don't have any intentions towards your partner, I think everything will be okay. Not unless..."

I saw his cheeks burn. "I don't like Jungkook! I-I m-meant, in a romantic way. He's my bestfriend, but Mrs. Yoon! Two boys can't have babies."

Our classmates started teasing him and Jungkook. The latter, however, just buried his face under his arms on his desk. While the other one kept on appealing to our teacher.

"Why is it a big deal to you anyways, Mr. Kim? I don't hear Mr. Jeon complaining."

"That's because he's usually quiet!"

"Amber and Miyoung, do you have any complaints about being partners?" Mrs. Yoon turned to them who were happily playing with their baby. The two shook their heads.

"But they're both girls!"

"Park Jimin and Jung Hoseok, do you want to change partners?"

Both of them shook their heads too. "Actually, I think I am more comfortable to be partners with Hoseok, Mrs. Yoon. Right, Hoseok-ah?"

Hoseok agreed. Mrs. Yoon turned back to Taehyung who is now pouting. "Do you have any more protests, Kim Taehyung-ssi?"


"I DO!" We all looked at Ellie's direction, who is now raising her hands. I tugged her shirt down so that she would return to her seat.

"Yah, Hwang. Sit down. What are you doing, huh?"

She swatted my hand away and stood straight. "I won't let Johnny and that girl have a baby."

"But it's just a fake baby, Elle. You don't need to sweat it."

"It is fake for everybody, but that girl is so delusional that she thinks the baby's real."

I just hid my face under my arms too, just like what Jungkook did.

"What do you want, Ms. Hwang?"

I hear Ellie sighed, "I don't want Johnny and Sooyeon to be partners."

"Oh, so this is a different case. Mr. Kim a while ago himself doesn't want to be paired with a boy. And now, you don't want other people to be partnered with somebody else. Why is that?"

"It just don't feel right, Mrs. Yoon."

"Well, let's just ask Ms. Lee Sooyeon, then. Sooyeon-ssi, are you uncomfortable with your partner?"

I can't help but to sit up again, because I have to look at her reaction and I have to support Ellie too.

Sooyeon was smirking, as if she'd been expecting this to happen. "Of course I don't feel any awkward feelings towards Johnny, Mrs. Yoon. Not at all."

I saw Ellie's fist clench, but her facial expressions remained calmed.

"Mr. Seo Johnny," I chuckled at the way our teacher said it. I also remembered that Johnny doesn't want to be called with his whole name like that. "Do you have any objections regarding your partner?"

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