Seeing the Matthews again

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Amelia's POV
I was walking up to the Matthews Mrs.Matthews has helped her since she only told her and they live in the same as place last time her and Cory were really short compared to Shawn so I grew a little taller a little different but otherwise she was the same she was wearing jean shorts blue crop top red high tops and her hair curled it was a light shade of brown she also had some light lip stick and mascara on but not like a lot but she was covered in bruises and a few cuts she knocked on the door then reaveling Eric there "Mia ?!" He exclaimed and picked her up and spun her around "hey Eric !" I said a little in pain since the cuts and bruises "Eric why did you interrupt the video game?!" Mr.Matthews and Cory yelled "MIA!!" They shouted I rolled my eyes and Mr.Matthews put me on his shoulders and then put me down "where's my favorite person in the world" I asked "right here babe " Shawn said and was right on the couch "not you Shawn your my least favorite in the world Hunter " I said "you love me by the way you look hot " he said "mm hmm " I said "can I have at least a kiss?" He asked cocky "hahah no " I scoffed "yo! Mia wanna play zombies of the dead 2" Cory asked with a creepy tone as if a haunted house "what seriously ?!" I said "maybe we can sit together Mia?" Shawn asked "in yo dreams Hunter" I said and walked into the room with Cory to find a three controller great " hey babe" he said sitting next to me and putting his arm around me all the boys cam in I flicked it off and punched him in his shoulder "hey ow!" He said "watch it lover boy she's gonna kill ya " Eric said "yeah she's hot and she's tuff " Shawn said I rolled my eyes still on the screen " face it amiles you like shawny " Cory said "shut up cor or you'll be next to get punched " I said "seriously how much can a girl do ?" He asked cocky "this !" I yelled and punched him in his stomach "ahh ow!" He winced in pain "don't ever underestimate a girl Matthews" I said defeated the boss flipped my hair in his face and walked out to Mrs.Matthews Cory was still wincing in pain Shawn was dazed and Eric and Mr.Mathhews impressed and shocked and had there jaws dropped "thanks Mrs.Matthews " I said "and thank you for giving Cory a good punch " she said "your welcome as always " I said "is it okay if I stay here ?" I asked "for how long Hun " she asked while washing the dishes "for a pretty long time " I said "as long as you want sweetie " she said and hugged me "your the best " I said Shawn came out "hey Mrs. Matthews can I stay here for the night my parent ya know-" she cut him off "okay Shawn " she said "Hunter ur dead !" I said he winked I rolled my eyes I went to check on Cory and the boys "sup cor your mom said I can stay here since I got no place here" I said "okay just don't punch me again " he said "okay don't mess with me cor " I said "Eric " Cory said "I'm sorry cor but ya kinda deserved that you took my favorite jacket and ruined it " he said he just rolled his eyes "dad" he said " I'm with both ya guys I care about both of you " he said "sorry cor " I said and gave him a bro hug then I took a shower went downstairs to see Shawn waiting at the end Eric and Cory watching Stumpys revenge the part six i put on sports shorts white sleeve shirt and my hair down with some socks with a heart on them "you look beautiful babe " Shawn said "I'mma kill ya " I said

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