Clueless Hearts

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Oh, to be young and feel love's keen sting. xD


She didn't know how she got there—breathing in heavily, shoulders rising up and down forcefully, enraged, fuming with fury and the need to murder as the people around her stared petrified. All of them gaping at her as her insides screamed kill, kill, kill.

"Miss Weasley?"

Lifting a palm to her face, wiping away excess of potion off of her now wet face, Rose took a heavy inhale as she looked at the Professor. Her infuriated brown eyes taking in the man, almost as if her gaze was twisting his thick figure, crumbling his stupid hat and shoving it far inside a dragon's mouth and tossing him inside to go and find it. "Yes, sir?"

Horace Slughorn swallowed a lump of nerves, staring calculating at the redhead as she practically hissed at him. "You're excused, Miss Weasley. Feel free to go clean yourself, you can turn in the assignment next lesson."

"Thank you," Rose said through clenched teeth, turning around to her right to look at another redhead looking disturbed as the class hurried back to their assignments; acting like they didn't see her and her dripping anger. "Take my bag to the common room, please."

"...Sure," Roxanne Weasley replied to her cousin. "You know, Rose, I can take away points if you'd like...I can wait at the proper moment and drain all the emeralds." She offered, hoping that that would wipe away some of the bubbling anger in Rose's eyes, but instead it got a chuckling noise from both sides of the chamber. "— -Shut up, Fred," Roxy retorted, turning her neck slightly and glaring at her twin brother.

"Sorry, Roxy, but for being a stuck-up Prefect, that would be wickedly awesome."And partnered up with Fred, James Potter looked casually at his cousin. "We'd be very surprised if you used your power to cause havoc among houses. I mean, you practically wrote the handbook of Prefect Etiquette with Uncle Percy."

"Excuse me to be proud of my achievements, Potter," Roxy snapped, chucking a ball of parchment at the dark-haired Gryffindor. "I'm the only one that has made Prefect since Victorie's days at Hogwarts. If you pathetic lot actually put half as much effort in your lessons and marks instead of trying to rule the castle and make the lives of the people you don't like miserable, there would be shiny badges on your robes too, idiot."

James smirked grandly, winking at Roxanne just to infuriate her that her words went into one ear and came out the other.

"Just bring my bag to the common room, will you?" Rose made her presence noticed again, whispering harshly at her family. And as soon as she received a quick nod from the twins, who knew not to mess with her when she was in a murder-spree, and a roll of eyes from James, Rose tried to give them a smile. "Thank you."

"—I know you're not the smartest witch in the cauldron, Weasley," and just before the redhead could turn around and walk out of the classroom, the girl was met with the gaze of the devil. "But the potion is supposed to go inside the pot, not on you."

"This is all your fault!"

Staring unmoved by the red on Rose's cheeks, her hyperventilating chest, and grinding teeth, Scorpius Malfoy smirked at her. "I suppose it is,” he sighed mockingly eyes drifting down to the liquid oozing down her front. "But then again, I am not your nanny, Weasley. And I am not daft enough to have you as a partner, I need to work with someone who has the same intellectual level."

And as he leaned back on his seat, a dark-haired witch turned her head towards the fuming redhead. "Oh, my. Rose, do you need help washing that off?"

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