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~ Justin ~

I turn around to see my friends coming towards me so I fix my hat.

I turn to look at her one last time and saw her holding the gift. But then my friends come and ruin that moment.

Hunter:"Hey" He's holding a football

I nod.

Grayson:"What are you doing?"

"I was just walking to my locker." I lie

Grayson:"Oh well are you ready for the game later?"

I nod." Yeah"

I forgot about the game. That's around the time I'm suppose to meet Selena. I mentally panic inside.

Hunter:"Well I'm go to class can't get anymore tardy, coach said" He then runs down the hall.

I laugh then shrug.

Grayson leaves after that and I told him I'd catch up. I turn back around and she's gone.

~ Selena ~

Right before I was going to open it I stop myself. What if this isn't for me.

But it was in my locker wasn't it. Yeah but what if they got the wrong one.

Or what if it's a prank.

I close the lid back up and tie the bag back and just leave the flowers. Who ever did this is heartless and doesn't care about hurting other people.

I slam my locker then walk to class. I hope I never meet this person.


(Still Selena).

I walk out of my last class with my textbook in hand.

I make my way to my locker. I've been trying to avoid it all day by this sick prank.

I open it up and see the flowers and the box just the way I left it. I guess that heartless person didn't come back.

I set my book inside and a just my bag. Then grab the flowers and box. I'm going to give this back to that jerk.

I slam my locker and walk to the meeting place.

~ Justin ~

I walk out of the boys locker room into the hallway.

These hallways are almost always empty.

I push the doors open and am outside. The sun shining a little. I walk to the meeting place but it's just a bench in the park. It's not that far away.


(Still Justin) .

I'm finally here and I see her sitting there. She's absolutely breathtaking.

I'm walk to the bench behind her. Her head is down like always.

I sit down. She doesn't move.

"Well I'm here"

WOAH what happened to her

She look right into my eyes without her glasses.

"Excuse me?" I was taken aback

"You out of all people would do this to me." She looked angry

"What do you-"

"No you really thought this would be funny didn't you!"

"I don't under-'


"What are you talking about!"

She blinks.

" These" She hold up the flowers and box

She looks like she has tears

"Yeah I got them for you-"


~ Selena ~

"Why not?" He said

"Why would you get these Justin. This isn't funny-".

"I'm not laughing this is isn't some joke to me either" He raised his voice a little.

"Well then why would you do this?"
I say

"Well.." He rubs the back of his neck.

"Well what!" I yell

"Fine...I really like you and was trying to be nice and tell you so I thought maybe getting a gift would show you but that obviously didn't work."

My head was spinning. What??

"But...why me?"

"Why not. Your beautiful and smart. Your a kind person-"

"But you never talk to me until the other day."

"I know but that's because I was thinking maybe I should finally ask her out now that we're older-"

I look at him

He gives me an akward smile. It was kinda cute- WAIT no

"Well that's if you give me a chance.
I can understand why you wouldn't."
He rubbed his neck again

I just sit there.

He was about to get up

"I knew this was a mistake-" He stood up

"Wait!" I yell

He turns around.

"Justin you just have to promise me this isn't some kind of joke-"

"I swear on my life" He smiles

I laugh.

He grabs the flowers and box.

"So I should probably do this the right way."

He sits down.

"Will you Selena, go on a date with me" He held out the flowers.

I giggle

"I would love to."

He smiles and hands me the box as well. After that we just stayed there on the bench in the middle of the park together not caring if anyone saw us.

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