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Sup people, this picture has nothing to do with the chapter don't worry. I would just like to point out that underlined is Greek/Latin and Italics is thoughts.


I trudged up half blood hill the rest of the hunters trailing behind me. I sighed as I looked up at the pine tree I once was. 
I wonder if Annabeth ever visited me? 

"Well, come on guys," I said softly, 

"I'll show the newbies to the cabin," everyone nodded, I was in charge while Artemis was away. Three girls followed me while the others went to kick the Apollo cabin out of the Archery range.

"Thals!" a familiar voice called, I was walking down the steps of the Artemis cabin as Annabeth and Percy jogged over.
They look worried.

"Hey, guys. What's Up!" I smiled.

"We need  to get the rest of the seven before the Romans leave camp can you get some others?" She asked while Percy ran after Leo, Calypso and Hazel, who had just walked past. 

"Alright, Who?" I asked tilting my head slightly,

"Will, Nico and... Reyna," She murmured the last name but I still heard loud and clear. Reyna. I don't really know why but things between her and I have been really awkward lately.

"Alright, I'm gonna take a guess and say that I'll meet you guys at the big house," Annabeth nodded smiling, it still felt odd being younger than her. I sighed and began my hunt.

Walking along the beach I found Will and Nico laughing, (it was mostly Will,) with a group of Hecate and Demeter kids.

"Hey guys," I said, they all smiled and invited to sit down. I quietly declined and turned towards Will and Nico,

"You two need to be at the big house soon, not quite sure why but Annabeth and Percy seemed worried so you should probably be quick," They both nodded and after a quick goodbye I went onto finding Reyna.

"Where could she be," I muttered walking into the arena, I looked up and saw Reyna attacking the dummies.
Well, I'm stupid. Because a daughter of Bellona totally wouldn't be training. 

"Hey, Ramirez Arellano. We need to go to the big house," I said, surprising myself at how relaxed I sounded compared to the butterflies that fluttered in my stomach and the thin coat of sweat that covered my palms.

"Why? What did Jackson do now?" She panted beheading another dummy,

"Annabeth didn't really tell me she just said that we needed to meet the other at the big house," I said realising I probably should've asked Annie about that.
I'm hanging out with Kelp Head too much.

"Alright, we'd better not keep them waiting for any longer or something bad might happen," As she spoke her dark eyes bored into me, I nodded following her out of the arena.

We walked up the steps to the big house and walked into the meeting room where ten, slightly annoyed, demigods sat. 

"Sorry," Reyna muttered sitting down, they all looked at me expectantly, 

"I'm sorry that all of you are impatient," I sighed sarcastically, they just rolled their eyes and turned towards Chiron,

"Nice to finally have your attention," I snorted, barely.
"Well, Lady Hecate has another quest for you," Everyone groaned, why, I just got back from another Quest with Artemis.

"Look, don't worry. This quest, thank the gods, isn't life threatening but life changing. You see there is a wizarding world out in England and well, there is a school for Witches and Wizards, as they call themselves, that teaches them spells and other magic." Hazel shuddered at this while Leo looked like he was thinking of all the things he could do with magic, well, we're going to die. Most likely in an explosion.

"And you see, they have been through a large war. It may not have been a devastating as ours but to them, it was traumatising and well they need some help getting back on their feet," Chiron said looking around us, a group of people who only six months ago were strangers and now can call each other family. I can't believe I ever lived without these guys.

"Hecate thinks it'll be for the best if you pretended to be Royalty of some sort as you all aren't entirely familiar with Hogwarts, It will also explain the 'odd' things you do and help keep our world a secret." The room filled with whispers, How are we going to do this?

"Quiet down now, I've still got to explain," Chiron said his voice calm as he banged his hoof against the floor.

"Hecate will give you wands and is sending a letter all about you, this letter will include a photo of you and what your royal status is, to a family called the Weasleys. You will be staying with them for a week before school, oh and you're leaving tomorrow morning so decide quickly." He said as the room fell into silence, he left us to our discussion... muttering something about Aphrodite? Oh Gods no, please don't be what I think it's going to be. 

"Well, I have an idea," Annabeth voiced nervously looking around. 

"What is it?" Will asked kindly breaking the tension.

"Well, maybe children of the big three, Jupiter and Pluto could be the Prince and Princesses, while Will, Piper, Frank and I are their 'suitors'," She made air quotes around the word suitors,

"And Reyna could be the general and head guard while Leo is an inventor for the King and Calypso works in the kitchen and Garden," And as per usual Annabeth has a plan.

"That doesn't sound bad," Calypso Giggled, 

"I'm alright with It," Reyna nodded, 

"Great plan Annie," I smirked while she glared at me, everyone else just nodded or said a simple 'I'm in'.

"Hello, kids," Aphrodite smiled at all of us, 

"Hello, mum. What do you want?" Piper groaned, Her mother smiled at her. 

"Why I'm here to make you look... Royal," Kill me, please. Uuuuuugghh!

Aww poor Thalia, anyways see you and thanks for reading. XD.