Humble Beginnings...Maybe?

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Welcome to the very first chapter of The Deity Databook.  If you have made it this far, then you already know what's going to happen here.  I shall open Pangaea's chest and unleash the ULTIMATE ENDING TO THE DEITY!!  Actually, I am not doing that.  But it felt good to be over dramatic and relaxed.  But lets not waste anymore time.  Get ready for the first bit of info on...THE DEITY!!

How did I get started?  Well, my friend @MikeMahoney6 recommended this site to me.  I was telling him about a few stories I was writing and he showed me Wattpad.  At first I was a bit hesitant about posting stories.  I wasn't sure if I would stack up with the authors on here.  Not to mention I am introverted, so talking to people to promote myself is a difficult task lol (more like talking about myself is difficult).  Anyway, I decided to give this place a try with The Deity.

My plan was to test the waters to see if anyone would like my style of writing.  I came up with the boss idea of creating a book from scratch, not using one of the two short stories I am editing currently, and do a weekly posting.  Yep, this book was not planned and is completely coming off the top of my dome (it's actually coming from a partial outline because I really wanted this to be good lol).

Well everyone, this is all for this chapter.  I hope you all like this book, because I have tons more to reveal.  Enjoy!!!

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