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The next day it was time for school as naruto and menma both had to go so they could make up for there days of being absent as the two went to school they ignored everyone and kept walking to there locker they even ignored there friends to "hey naruto how've you been" kiba was the first to ask and the first to be ignored and the first to have someone walk past him like he was some stranger wow.

Naruto and menma put there things away as they went to there first class and sat down being quiet as possible while not bothering to say a word to each other.

Naruto laid his head down on the desk as he didn't really want to talk to anyone "hey naruto" someone says as he looked up to meet Sakura and jumped/fell back in his chair and ran away from her and hid behind menma "what's up with you" Sakura asked crossing her arms "and have you both seen sasuke any were" Sakurai asked while Menma glared at her "if we did do you think we would be walking in the school much happier and also with them" menma growled ands he glared at her and standed up from his chair and growed, "I'm just asking" Sakura says "ya just asking keep your question to your self when your around us got that" menma yelled as he sat down and patted naruto on the head softly telling his brother that everything is gonna be ok.

Sakura was shocked before she huffed and stomped away as naruto went back to his seat to sit down.

As the day went to it was really slow with naruto and menma like very as the two couldn't really focus much and there were times were naruto would almost fall asleep and times were he would fall asleep only to scared the whole class and having to be sent to the nurse for his brother to be called at the principals office.

But after a while it was finally time to go home the two twins went home together as they held hands.

"This life sucks" naruto says as he looked down and menma nods as they walked home unhappy as they were side by side.

Once home menma opened the door to let naruto in "were home" they both said in Union "welcome home" kyuubi says as he smiled grabbed both naruto and menma hand than dragged them to the living room as they had looked up to yell at there older brother only to meet face to face with two uchiha's.



They both said before breaking free from there brother to hug the uchiha's that were on the couch.

Menma hugged Sasukie tightly as he hid his face in his mates chest.

Naruto was shaking while hugging Sasuke and started to cry softly.

Sasuke rubbed Naruto's back softly causing the young fox to purr softly "I missed you sasuke.......welcome home" the blond says as he snuggled up to sasuke.

"I missed you to Naruto" sasuke says running his fingers threw Naruto's hair.

"Sasukie you have no clue how much I missed you.....welcome home" Menma says as he purred and kissed the uchiha.

"I missed you to menma" Sasukie replied happily.

Itachi and kyuubi both smiled at each other "we did a good job Itachi" kyuubi says as he high five itachi "yes...yes we did" itachi says as they watched there bothers smiling and hugging each other.

"How about we celebrate with someone ramen" kyuubi says as naruto nodded his head happily jumping "ok" naruto says "question what happened to my cloak" sasuke asked as naruto blushed and opened his bag and took out sasuke cloak as he laughed nervously while blushing madly "s-sorry s-sasuke i-i....." naruto was cut off as sasuke kissed his forehead "don't worry about it you brother shared his with me" sasuke says, as naruto soon noticed something as I raised his hand up and softly ran his hand over sasuke hand as the uchiha leaned into Naruto's touch before pulling back "sasuke?" Naruto says as he tilted his head while behind confused about sasuke.

"I guess it's out already huh" sasuke says as Sasukie nodded in agree ment.

"What happened to you" naruto asked as his 9 tails started wagging softly "we don't know what happened we just woke up this way" Sasukie says as he shrugged in confusion.

Sasuke and Sasukie staid silently before sighing "well tell you guys once we're back from thebcelebration" Sasukie says as menma nodded as he smiled and put his cloak on and Sasuke did the same once everyone had there cloaks on itachi, kyuubi, Sasuke, naruto, sasukie, and menma were now leaving the house.

Happy with there decision of were to celebrate at they dogged everyone they new even Sakura suprisingly without being spotted.

Once at itchiraku ramen they all sat down "hi old man" naruto says being the first to speak "oh naruto how are you tonight and what's the occasion" the man asks.

"I'm good and we're here to just celebrate I'd all don't worry about it" naruto says smiling happily.

The man nodded as he went to make the ramen and while waiting naruto leaned into Sasuke wanting to be comforted he misses Sasuke a lot since the Uchiha disappeared.

Sasuke looked down at the blond and started to rub his back softly until there heard someone coming and they intent covered up there faces with there hoods as one person walked in and sat done "well hello itachi" the person says looking at the eldest Uchiha "oh hello kakashi what brings you here" itachi asks looking at the copy ninja that sat beside him "nothing really but have you found your brothers yet" kakashi asked looking at itachi who nodded "yes I did find my brothers and I'm really happy I did" he says as the copy ninja nodded "good to know" kakashi says.

Naruto only smiled happily to himself.


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