chapter 1

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leah's pov -

senior year. i can't wait to get out of high school. i shut my alarm off rubbing my eyes and grabbing my phone of the night stand. i logged into my jack glinsky fan account on instagram and checked my notification feed. i had tons of likes on my edits and a couple follows, but something caught my eye.

* .jack.glinsky.fanpage has sent you a dm

i immediately went to my dms and read the message.

hey leah! i've come across your account and i love your edits! i was hoping we could talk or something since we both seem to have an interest in jack lol. hopefully we can become friends (:

tysm! and of course i would love to talk and become friends! :)

i sent the message and shut my phone off.

jack pretty much saved my life. i came across him through magcon and i immediately fell in love with his personality and him himself. i was very suicidal, i still kind of am. i almost did commit suicide until i realized that there is so much to live for. i still cut, it helps me feel better in a way. my family has fallen apart and it's only my mom and i. we're doing much better than we were a year ago. my dad left and took my older brother with him about 3 years ago and i haven't seen them since.

i got out of bed and put my outfit i had planned, on. (outfit above) it was a white long sleeve off the shoulder shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, and a pair of white converse. i put my hair in two french braids and did my makeup. once i was done getting ready i grabbed my bag and my phone and headed to the kitchen. my mom was in the living room watching the news when i came out.

"good morning, mom. i gotta get going, i love you." i say before slipping out the door and out to my truck.

* after school

i flopped onto my bed and checked my phone. i got a dm on insta and a message from my best friend miranda. i checked her message first.

miranda💗: i am coming over, be there in 10.

leah: um ok 😂

i then checked my dms and i had another dm from .jack.glinsky.fanpage.

btw my name is kayla lol. sorry i didn't introduce myself sooner. if it's easier, we can iMessage instead. my number is 000-123-4567.

hi kayla lol. yea that would be easier. i'll iMessage you rn.

i add her as a contact and text her.

leah: hey its leah

kayla🤗: heyy girl! guess what! jack
liked one of my edits!! 😳

and that's how i knew we would be really good friends.

i know this is super short, but it's just the intro. chapters will be getting longer.

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