Lost & Found

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          As we arrived at the event in New York, you could hear the screams of our fans thumping into our ears. Luckily, we tricked them into thinking we were in another van, so we were able to go through the back alley of the building. Our driver also drove us around a couple of blocks, making sure we weren’t noticed.

“This place is amazing.” Harry said, clapping his hands together in amusement. 

“Yeah, except the traffic is horrible.” Liam exclaimed. I looked at both of my friends and smiled.

“When you have great fans like ours, it tends to happen.” I said enthusiastically. 

“I bet the people who live around here hate us right now.” Louis said with a smirk.

We all chuckled.

“Probably.” I added.

“Girls have really good vocal chords.” Harry assumed.

“I bet they do. We can hear them all the way over here.” Niall added. 

“Were about 6 blocks away!” Liam chimed in. 

Laughing one more time, I looked outside to see the enormous apartment buildings, one of them in particular. It was about six stories high, made of blocks and colored with a very dark brown paint, except most of it was already peeled off. Some of the windows were broken and most of the windows were closed.

“That’s an odd building.” I pointed out.

“Which one, Zayn?” Harry asked.

“That one.” I pointed to the building I was looking at.

“Damn. That’s one ugly building.” Louis said.

“Don’t be an arse. You don’t know who lives there.” I shot back. 

“Sorry.” He pleaded, raising his hands in the air.

The van then arrived at a stop sign. Feeling a sudden urge, I looked out the window into an alley. My eyes then quickly moved toward a figure on the middle of it. It was a girl. She was looking at nowhere in particular, crying. A sudden pain in my chest made me yell out to the driver to stop the vehicle. 


this was my first story give me slack!

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