Chapter 1

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Louis P.O.V

"LOUIS!" Zayn's voice came galloping up the staircase. "GET YOUR ARSE DOWN THESE STAIRS OR FACE MY WRATH!"

"I'LL TAKE THE WRATH!" I yelled back and flopped face first back down into my pillow. Immediately after feet came thundering along the corridor and burst into  my room.

"Bloody hell, you're still in bed!" Zayn groaned, looking at me dumbfounded. I stuck a thumbs up out from underneath the covers then snuck it back in again. I could practically feel Zayn's glare on me. I was countnig down in my head - 3...2...1...

The covers were ripped off me and I jumped up and flat onto Zayn.

"Morning Zaynie!" I chirped. He groaned and let out a long stream of curses before seizing my wrist and literally dragging me down the stairs. When we reached the bottom I bounded over to the door and began lacing up my converse.

"He was dressed all along," I heard Zayn mumble frustratedly.

"But you still love me!" I yelled from the door.

"I might do. In the mean time keep telling yourself that!"

Niall P.O.V

I pranced out the door after Louis and hurled myself into the car next to him.

"Right, kids in the back, grown ups in the front!" Liam called, climbling into the drivers seat. Zayn got into the passenger seat as me and Lou buckled up our seatbelts in the back excitedly.

"Jeesh, Niall, calm down you're going to give yourself a cardiac arrest!" Liam turned to look at us before settling back on the engine. "I didn't know it was possible for a person to be that excited..."

"We are taking him to Thorpe Park..." Zayn trailed off. Liam shrugged and tilted his head slightly before straightening it again.

"Fair point." In the meantime, Lou and I chatted endlessly about everything.

Halfway down the motorway we saw a car that was upturned on it's side and three very flustered people trying to heave out a fourth. Zayn stared at them dumbfounded before asking Liam to pull over. Liam glanced at what the fuss was the obeyed immediately. We parked next to the broken down car and rushed to the people. They were all girls - pretty much crying and one was stuck in the car with glass raining down every few seconds.

"What happened?" I asked jogging up to them. A girl with long blue hair in choppy layers explained:

"We were driving along the motorway to Thorpe Park and we had to swerve and..." She sniffed..." We upturned and Leigh-Anne's stuck please help! We've called the police and everything but we don't know how long it will take!"

At this point in time no-one knew who Leigh-Anne was but we just looked at each other and raced towards the girls. The blue haired one was standing by another girl who had long brown hair with tints of red. She had the dark hand of the girl inside the car clasped in hers. Another girl with purple hair was gently lifting the body of her, trying not to spear her on the glass. All were crying uncontrollably.

Zayn ran to the girl with purple hair and punched out a couple of pieces of glass that were dangerously in the way. Then he held her arms and helped her lift the girls body, smiling at her when she turned to glance at him. Liam opened the other car door, careful not to make any glass fall and tended to the girl inside - Leigh-Anne. Me and Lou helped with the arms and head of Leanne while comforting the others.

In a few minutes she was out and all were crying. We wrapped them in a big hug which they happily recieved, Zayn and the purple haired girl lasting a little longer than the rest.

Leigh-Anne suddenly stood up.

"Sorry for being such a mess and thank you for helping!" She gushed out quickly, "I'm Leigh-Anne, this is Perrie-" she gestured to the girl with purple hair, "this is Jade-" she gestured to the girl with blue hair, "and Jesy." She pointed to the last girl with long brown hair.

We all smiled and introduced ourselves.

"Zayn, Liam and those two idiots over there are Niall and Louis." The girls laughed and glanced towards their ruined car. Suddenly Louis perked up.

"Hey, did you say you were going to Thorpe Park?" The girls glanced at each other.

"Yeah..." They admitted shyly. Zayn and Louis face lit up like a christmas tree.

"SO WERE WE!" You could come with us!" Louis exclaimed. Zayn sprinted off to get the car. The girls looked shocked and incredibly grateful but tried to refuse when Zayn pulled up with the car.

"One ride to Thorpe Park coming up." Everyone climbed in, the girls a little uneasy at first. Liam gave Perrie the front seat, obviously sensing something between Zayn and her. Liam, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy squashed in the back while me and Lou jumped in the boot. Liam shook his head as Zayn drove off.

This was going to so much more fun now that we have four more people with us! About ten minutes later - after a lot of out of tune singing to the radio - I spotted the tip of a large ride in the distance.

"Guys - look!" I screamed. All eyes turned to the roller coaster and the excitement built up.

The girls were equally excited and kept thanking us but we didn't mind. They felt like best friends, like we had known them for ages, not like we just met them.

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