×××Chapter 18×××

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×××Y/N's POV×××

I wake up in very comfortable bed. I sit up and rub my eyes. I open them and see I'm in a completely different room. "What the.." I say quietly. Then I remember what happened last night. I kissed Max. I look around and see orange-ish colored sunlight seeping through the curtains. I slide out of bed and open them.

I move my arm in front of my eyes, shielding the bright sunlight. My eyes soon get used to it and I look outside. Its a yard, sunlight shining off of the dew on the grass. I smile at the beautiful sight. I turn around, looking around. "Wait.. Is this Max's room?" I ask myself. 'Wheres max then..' I thought.

I open the door and peek my head out, looking into the living room. I see Max sleeping peacefully on the couch. I close the door and take a step back from the door, sitting on the bed. "Did he give up his room for me? I feel so bad." Then a thought flies past my mind. "What am I going to do about my clothes.." I say with an irritated groan.

I stand back up and open the door, walking over to the couch. He's laying on his stomach and snoring very quietly. I poke his cheek two times. He stirs around and onto his back. "I guess I'll make breakfast." I whisper and walk into the kitchen. I open the fridge and grab everything I need.

After I finish cooking breakfast, I hear a groan and shuffling sounds.Then I see a sleepy Max walk in with half lidded eyes. "Morning sleepy head." I say with a smile. "You cooked all this?" He asks in surprise. "Yep! Go wake up Tim and Ross." I say happily with a smile.

"Your way too happy in the morning." He says and walks off. I giggle and put together everyone's plates. Ross, Tim and Max walk into the kitchen, sleepy as can be and start sniffing the air. "This smells amazing!" Tim says. "I would have to agree." Ross says, sitting down. I look at Max and see him smiling at me. He walks over to me and his arms snake around my waist.

He lean forward and peck his lips. Then I hear one of the two who started eating, started choking. "Oh my god! Since when is this a thing!?" Tim yells after he stopped choking. Ross, Max and I start laughing. "Well, right after you both went to bed, me and Y/N confesses our love and ya know. Kissed." Max says, looking at me with a smile.

"Go eat now. You must be hungry." I say quietly as he still hugs me around my waist. "Okay." And he boops my nose. He walks around the counter and sits down, pulling his plate to himself. Ross, sitting next to him, looks at him with a face that looks like 'You fucking serious right now?'. Max looks back at him, "What?" He asks right before he eats a bite of pancakes. "Were trying to eat." Ross says. "So?" Max replies. Ross can't help but laugh. "Okay okay."

After they eat, everyone starts getting ready to go to the offices. "Uh Max?" I say walking up to him. He turns around and hums. "Well. I don't have any clothes to wear." I say, motioning to my clothes. He looks at me in realization.

"Do want to borrow some clothes from me?" He asks. I shrug my shoulders, "Sure." And I walk into his room and into his closet, picking out some sweats and a sans shirt. I walk out and Max looks at me. "Beautiful." He says with a smile. "Lets go to work." I say. He smiles and takes my hand and walks outside.

Tim and Ross are standing next to the car ready to leave. "Finally! Let's go!" Tim yells. Me and Max hop in the back seat, Tim is driving and Ross is in the passenger. Tim starts the car and we all buckle up, leaving to work.

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