menma calm down I'm going insane to

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Naruto's POV

Sasukie ended up missing just like Sasuke and menma is a nervous reck literally he seems distance and quiet one time he just snapped at me for no reason it.

Soon while Itachi and Kyuubi left to go somewhere maybe to find Sasuke and sasukie I was laying down in my bed shaking my nine tails rapped around me for protection I felt unsafe I had me and menma room door locked because my twin he needs time alone so I stay in our and falling asleep.


Waking up at night I jumped as I found out I was in a total different room than the one I was in just a few minutes ago.

But I was tiny and the door bust open reveal a freaking giant Sakura as she walked twords me and picked me up "hello cutie pie" she says as she snuggles me oh no put me down I started to squiggle and squerm but she had a ferm grip on me "bad boy don't fight" she says getting in my face as I started screaming and broke free and started running hit the wall blacking out.

Waking up I was sorrounded by dogs as I just than they chased me as I dogged each one and kept running but one bit my tail as I winced in pain and started to bite at me and attack visouly.

But soon I noticed that there was a bright light that shined in my face as I felt a sudden warmth and calmed down done a little.


I woke up and saw that it was Kyuubi as he was hugging me close I though it was Sasuke at first but it was my older brother he was comforting me.

"Did you find sasuke" I asked "sorry kit I haven't found him yet just wait a bit longer and I'm sure he'll turn up" Kyuubi says as he rubbed my back softly.

Days went by pretty quickly as menma was freaking out he even went as far as locking himself in the bathroom for the longest times before coming out fully OK but shaking and wobbly and sometimes he would come out the bathroom until the morning.

Me I was worse as I was rocking back and forth in the corner while mumbling nothing that anyone would under stand as u banged my head on the wall softly with my ears lowered Kyuubi and Itachi decided me and menma shouldn't go to school until we were OK.

But while Kyuubi and Itachi were out menma had attacked me as we fought and growled but soon as he scratched and bit I knew he crossed the line bit I wasn't gonna cry as I slapped him "menma calm down right now I'm going insane to and I know you miss sasukie but you don't have to attack me" I yelled at him before leaving him and hid in Sasuke's room under his bed and started crying "I won't forgive you for this menma" I wimpered unhappy while curling in a ball and started to cry my self to sleep.


"Brat get your fluffy but in my office this instant" I heard someone yell as I just and crawled from my hiding place I didn't know I was in as I crawled over to see that it was my old master he seems ticked what did I do.

"I've called you 27 time brat I should only have to call you once and once only I guess I have to punish you now" he says as I started shaking and shook my head since I wasn't allowed to talk at all I stayed quiet and didn't bother saying a single word to him.

As he soon looked at me like I just slapped him "let's go than I'll tell you something" he says grabbing me by nine tails and started dragging me as I winced and wanted to get away from him as I scream and shouted for him and let to and no punish.

But he wouldn't take no for an answer as I was lifted of the ground by my tails as I yelled and screamed while squaring.


I woke up screaming as I looked around and find Kyuubi sitting beside me when was I taken out from under sasuke bed I'm confused wasn't I at my old masters house.

"Come on naruto let's get something to eat ok how about some ramen" he says as I wagged my nine tails happily "yay ramen" I said but soon frowned and lowered my ears "what wrong naru-nii chan" Kyuubi says as he looked at me "me and sasuke used to go to ichiraku's ramen" I said while wimpering soon he patted my head "well find him I truly promise you naruto he's gonna show up on our way to the noodle shop" Kyuubi says and hugged me before getting up and I just nodded and got ready to leave the house as I put on my cloak than put Sasuke's cloak as me and him held hand and left the house I noticed that he was wearing Itachi's cloak but i didn't pay so much, mind to it.

So while holding hands and walking down the street we past by a few people who looked at us like we were crazy but we just kept walking and stopped worring about them so much since we know what we need to do.

"Don't worry were almost there ok kit" Kyuubi says as he smiled at me and I smiled back at him happily the very first smile I had ever since sasuke dissappeared.


Dont worry naru I will find you

You should never have to be down

I'm very sorry for waving you the way I did

I know how much you miss me and I miss you just as much

And once we reunite I promise I'll never let you go ever again I truly love you my sweet naru

And shall I always be there *smiles*


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