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My eyes drilled into my empty bag, and I still couldn't accept the fact that I had stupidly forgotten my lunch box. I wanted to beat myself up for it, crawl to somewhere private and cry at myself for being so dumb.

Still in a state of daze, I turned my head around to Aly and silently asked for my things back. She seemed to comprehend what happened, as she didn't ask me any questions. She proceeded to hand me over my books and pencil case, and I placed them back in my bag. Once I was done, I slung my bag over my shoulders and stood up.

"Sorry, I forgot to bring it," I muttered under my breath. I lowered my face, but my gaze remained fixed to him. I expected him to be agitated at me for wasting his precious time, but he never changed a bit; just the same uninterested look.

"It's fine," after a tense silence between the three of us, Edward finally spoke, "it's not necessary, anyway."

"But..." My voice trailed off when I ran out of words to say.

"It's alright... I'm not in the mood for bread today," Edward assured.

While I was reminiscing on why I would leave it back home, a hand tapped on my shoulder. I glanced to the side and noticed Aly's wrinkled forehead, along with a look that represented concern. Even so, she managed to give me a thin smile, giving me some sort of encouragement. I expressed my gratitude by returning the smile to her.

Edward ran his hand through his hair as he strolled from us once again. Now, his frequent habit of walking away often made me think that he was doing it so that he could minimize his interactions with me. Maybe he did perceive me as an annoyance because when I kept approaching him, he was always quiet...

Maybe... befriending Edward wasn't a nice idea after all...

I should have just stayed away from the beginning.

"...I guess being friends is okay..."

When his voice echoed mentally, this drove me to shake off all the pessimism that had conquered most of my mindset. I couldn't just give up yet, and I had been trying my darndest best, so cutting my developing bonds with him will turn every of my efforts to waste. He had even accepted the fact that we are friends, so maybe I should try talking to him more.

Besides... even after all of this... I couldn't bring myself to hate Edward, even after he ignored me and the others for years. I followed after him and stuck to his side, while Aly decided to trail behind. He was looking at the floor the whole time, before he noticed me.

"A-Are you going to practice with your team...?" I tried initiating the conversation... since that was the best that I could do.

"... No," he bluntly answered, slowly moving down the stairs, "Seb is replacing me for today. They're practicing in the gym right now."

A huge relief overwhelmed me when I heard Edward talk more than usual... See... it takes time for everything. You just need to be patient, Rena.

"So," I continued, "you are going to eat l-lunch alone...?"

"I have Lynn with me," he breathed.

Finally, I can do a proper conversation with him! I rejoiced as I mentally danced like someone high on drugs. Luck was definitely with me this time. Okay... now I just need to invite him over.

"Do you wanna go s-seat with us...?" I asked.


At his agreement, my heart burst out with joy while a sudden wave of excitement surged through me. If I wasn't in a public place right now, I would be retardedly squealing like a pig, continuously skipping up and down like a fangirl would do when she saw her favorite actor. I looked over to my best friend, since I couldn't control myself from smiling so widely. She winked at me, cast me a grin and secretly put a thumbs up.

This is going to be a lucky day!


"Guess what?" Adelynn muffled as she chewed on her food, leaning herself towards Naomi and Samantha. Both of them were completely immersed in her funny real-life stories, "I am so grateful Ms. Hayden's such a really kind teacher. She literally saved my ass from getting detention!"

The three of them had already gotten along really well, since I could see that they were able to relate with each other. I could even go as far as to say Naomi and Adelynn almost shared the same upbeat energy. Mark and Aly didn't join them at first, but in the end, they eventually engaged themselves along with the girls.

Then, here I was, not being able to start another discussion with Edward. He had chosen to sit beside me while his arm constantly rubbed against me, sending me shivers. He started unzipping his bag and pulled out a lunch box, where there was a large burger in it.

He harshly opened the lid, took it out and began devouring it. He didn't seem to mind the fact that he was eating so shamelessly, as he hungrily took a huge chunk of bite on the burger. I stared at him as his teeth gnashed on his meal. He just looks so cute eating like that... wait, what am I doing?! I should be saying something, not watching him and being a creep... otherwise, it will just be the same as the days before...

"Ed," I uttered, but it came out as a soft whisper. Thankfully, I still had his attention.

"Who m-made that burger?" I asked, minding myself to pronounce each word carefully so I didn't end up stuttering. Of course I did, but at least it's not as bad as before.

Seeing that he was in the midst of chewing his food, I waited for a while until he finished swallowing his lunch.

"My sister," he muttered.

"Oh..." I clenched my hands on my lap as I tried my best to think of another topic to talk. Come on Rena... Think of something...

"Sometimes she made it every morning," Edward continued, interrupting my thoughts, "or my mother made it for me."

I mean, that was completely unexpected... I was anticipating him to eat in silence and not even bother to say a word, but... he finally spoke about something that I didn't need to ask. Seeing that he was slowly starting to talk to me was like discovering a rare antique from the past.

"Oh, I see," I just feel like a dumbhead right now, but I was able to come up with another generic question, "anyway, w-what's your next class?"

"Second language," Edward announced. He chomped on his food again, but this time, it was only a small bite, "I chose German though. What about you?"

Another achievement: he actually asked me something... It might be typical for some, but it was completely a reward for me.

"I chose G-German too, but my next class is p-physics..." I stammered, while I shrank with disappointment.

"Physics isn't hard. It's just about electricity, that's all," Edward remarked, before he finally finished his hamburger by shoving the leftovers into his mouth, and his cheeks instantly puffed up. I instantly fawned at this, especially when they looked super adorable on him.

Honestly, it was unusual that he suddenly had the urge to speak more than usual, even when he wasn't talking that much yesterday or the day before that. Maybe, his talkativeness was just according to his mood, and from our interactions today, I could say that he was pretty much in a good condition. Obviously I still wasn't able to uncover his true self and understand him, but that will only happen if I manage to gain his trust. That would take a long time though, but if I was tolerant enough, Edward would finally open himself up.

I just need to trust myself too.

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