Chapter 11

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Lauren's POV
I felt Camila move stir in her sleep. I turned to her clock and noticed it was five in the morning. I saw her opened her eyes, I immediately closed my eyes hoping she thought I was sleeping.

I felt her get closer to me and kiss my cheek. I felt my cheek get red, ever since I met her she made me feel alive again.

"You're not that sneaky." Camila whispered in my ear, I chuckled opening my eyes to see her brown eyes look at me.

"I couldn't sleep." I lied seeing her smile, her smile was so contagious that I couldn't help but to smile. "You're so beautiful." Camila said as her hand raised and creased my cheek and soon tucked my hair behind my ear.

"Thanks." I said smiling like an idiot. I broke eye contact and spoke up, "We should probably get some sleep, schools tomorrow." I said sensing a noise in her house.

"I'm not that tired." Camila said smiling at me. I grinned seeing Camila lean in a kiss my lips. I instantly smiled into the kiss. She pulled away and bit her bottom lip, "Kiss me." She demanded, shocked at first I didn't move, but seeing her smile and I really did want to kiss her again I lean in a peaked her lips.

"Again." Camila whispered looking very innocent, I smiled kissing her soft lips. "Kiss me again." Camila told me, our bodies were pressed against each other. I smiled kissing her lips a bit longer. I kissed her slower and passionate. I don't think Camila had a problem with taking it slow.

I pulled away making my lips linger on her lips for awhile. I opened my eyes seeing Camila's eyes closed. "You're the beautiful one." I told her holding her cheek, she opened her eyes and smiled.

I could tell Camila wanted to take things further but she didn't say anything. I could also tell she was tired. "Babe, go to sleep. It's okay we'll see each other in the morning." I told her knowing that's the reason she didn't want to sleep, because she wants to be awake spending as much time with me as she can.

"Only if you kiss me again." Camila said making me smile. I leaned in and kiss her slower. I felt Camila's hands grab my neck pulling me closer to her. I pulled away hearing Camila whimper due to the loss of our lips together. "Sleep." I told her seeing her nod. She closed her eyes still with her hands around the back of my neck.

Within minutes Camila was asleep. I smiled seeing how peaceful she looked. I heard footsteps from a distance. I focused on the sound and realized her parents were approaching Camila's door.

I quietly made my way out of Camila's bed and right when the door opened I already sped off to Camila's closet not making any noise. I heard her parents walk up to their daughter and stood on her bedside.

They just stared at their daughter. "Remember why we're doing this, Alex." I heard Camila's mom whisper to her husband. I knew it was wrong to be listening to their conversation but I can't help it its my super hearing.

"I know, for Randy." Alex whispered, I cocked my eyebrow looking at her parents walk out of her room after awhile.

Who's Randy?

Once I knew they were in their room I got out of the closet and made my way to Camila's bed.

I got under the covers and immediately she wrapped her arms around me. I knew she was still asleep.

Usually I would spend hours just looking at Camila sleep but I was getting bored. I got up from her bed and walked to her window.

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