Chapter One

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Wife Of A Mafia Boss:
Chapter One (Edited)

Ok, I'm gonna start by saying I have no freaking clue of what I'm doing. I also know nothing about the Mafia. I'm kinda educating myself on it at the moment. This is the story of Valeria Petrov, the Wife of Russian Mafia Boss, Alexei Petrov and how she got in the hands of his rival, Tony Andiacchi, The Italian Mafia Boss.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, events, and incidents are either a product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance of actual persons, living or dead, or actual events are purely coincidental.

All Rights Reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be produced or used in any matter or whatsoever, without express written permission to the author except for use of brief quotations in a book review.


Valeria POV:

I squeezed my eyes shut as i waited to hear what would Alexei would do next. I was upstairs in the library, but I could still hear him shouting at the man that his men brought to the basement earlier today. I didn't get a chance to see the victim as his head was covered with a black bag. I've seen this happen many times before and I knew what was coming next. As I tried to drown it out, I heard my name being called. The maid, Alessandra suddenly emerged in the library.

"Mrs. Petrov, your husband is calling you to the basement."

"Yeah, no shit. You've been here for almost 12 years and you have yet said one intelligent thing to me."

She put her head down as I walked passed her. I smirked in satisfaction. I made my way to the basement.

The closer I got to the basement, the louder the screams got. Alexei has really outdone himself. I opened the basement door to see a young boy chained to the wall. He had blue eyes and curly dark hair.

"Alexei, who is this boy?", I said walking over to him and digging my nail into his chin.

"He's an Andiacchi. The nephew of our rival, Tony Andiacchi."

I never knew why Alexei and his family hated the Andiacchi's. When I met Alexei he always talking about ruining them and killing off his entire bloodline. I thought he was just saying it out of anger.

"So, what are we going to do with him?"

"I was thinking something on the lines of cutting off his limbs one by one and sending our rival a little present."

I smirked in understanding. Alexei snapped his fingers and his men stalked towards the boy.

Alexei grabbed my hand and lead me out the basement. He lead me upstairs to our bedroom. He smirked at me as the locked the door. He stalked over to me. He ran a hand through my hair. He twirled my hair around with his fingers. He gave me a smirk and I knew what was coming next. He drew his hand back and slapped me. I fell to the floor. He stood over me and kicked my head repeatedly. I cried out and he didn't stop until the was a knock on the door and two of his men, Victor and Albert, could be heard from the other side. Alexei walked out and left me lying there.

I've known Victor since I met Alexei. He was his best friend and now he's his best man. He knew what Alexei did to me. He always apologized for it. He always had a sweet spot for women. I didn't know Albert that well. He was strict and uptight.

I picked myself up and decided to take a shower to clean off the blood. I closed my eyes and let the hot water take me over. r. I feel like I am entering into my own world as my feet caress the cool, smooth, slick tiles on the floor. The water warmed to perfection feels extremely good; especially, now that it feels like an ice box outside. The sound of the calming water drip dropping and splish splashing feels like I have gone to sleep, and I am now in a dream. I have fallen head over heels in love with the shower.

The smell of the fresh fragrance soap is ever so sensual. There is hardly any day that I take a shower and not try to use almost every last bit of soap. I can't help it. The sweet-scented air mixed with warm steam enters my nostrils and makes the tiny hair follicles inside dance with joy. It seems like taking a shower makes me loose the little bit of self control I possess.
I try and try with all of my might to take a quick five minute shower. Unfortunately, once I reach the tight confined place where I feel like I am completely alone, the peacefulness and tranquility overcome me and I refuse to leave. I tell myself multiple times, I am going to get out. The wonderful feeling the water gives me is massively overwhelming. Once my time consuming experience is over, I feel like a brand new toy just taken out of the box. I feel as if i am ready for anything my new day brings me. Many people see the shower as a place to get clean, but I see the shower as the magical doorway to my ideal world.

I forced myself out the shower and got dressed. I changed into a red lace dress and black ankle boots. I made my way to the main room.

Suddenly I was being grabbed and a hand was being placed over my mouth. I tried to scream but it was muffled. I was silently praying that Alexei came. I managed to turn my head to the side and saw Albert with a rare crooked smile. I shivered and tried to break free, but he was too strong. I bit down on his hand and he moved his hand from my mouth.

"What are you-"

That was all I managed before everything went dark.

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