Chapter Twenty Eight

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Chapter Eight

Ace's P.O.V.

She kissed me and I couldn't help but smile against her lips. She pulled away and looked at me as if searching for something. She blushed and looked down disappointing me. I loved looking into her eyes. She hadn't been wearing her contacts in a while so her eyes were a vibrant blue.

My phone went off and we both looked over at it. I looked at the message and it was from Kyle.

Kyle: I get the feeling that something terrible is outside your girlfriend's dorm.

I looked at the message a little confused. Violet looked over at it and she tilted her head to the side. I walked over to the door knowing exactly what was about to happen. I opened the door and there was Kyle, standing in front of me. He greeted me and then came inside. He sat next to Violet and put his arm around her shoulder which she shrugged off. I smiled and sat on the other side of Violet. She leaned in close to me.

"I'm going out to get some coffee. I'll see you two later," she whispered in my ear making me shiver. The way it felt when her breath hit my ear was indescribable. She stood and left the room looking back at me before the door closed. I looked back at Kyle who had a smirk plastered to his face.

"Dude, college chicks are awesome!" he exclaimed while flopping back on Violet's bed. I rolled my eyes and changed the subject.

"How was your vacation?" I asked referring to his trip to Hawaii he just came back from.

"It was great. The girls were really hot," he explained.

"Is that all you ever notice?" I asked. He laughed.

"Yeah, pretty much. That reminds me, I just heard about you and the nerd. What's up with that Mr.Player?" he asked. I shrugged.

"I fell for this one," I said simply.

"That can't be it. Players don't just fall for girls. They are immune," he said his smirk dropping. I shook my head and his smirk suddenly came back. I didn't like the look in his eyes. He leaned in close to my ear and whispered.

"She's great in bed isn't she?" he asked. My eyes widened and I instantly grabbed the collar of his shirt pulling him up. I could feel the icy cold glare coming from me. I could see the terror in his eyes. I put him down realizing that it wouldn't end well if I did anything. He straightened out his shirt and sat back down.

"We haven't done anything," I admitted calmly.

"That's gotta be torture man," Kyle tried to sympathise. I smiled.

"Not really. I mean of course I want to, but the best part of it all is seeing her happy. I'm happy just holding her hand and kissing her," I gushed for a moment and then realized who I was talking to and shut up. Kyle looked at me with a gaping expression on his face. I laughed and he stood up.

"We are going out," he stated. I looked over at the clock. Midnight.

"No way. It's Midnight," I pointed out. He nodded and smirked.

"I'm only here for the night and I want to spend time with my best friend," he pleaded. I couldn't say no. I stood up and I put my shoes on. We walked outside and walked over to Kyle's car. Well, his mom's car. I got in the passenger seat and he started driving.

When the car stopped, it was at a nightclub. I turned to Kyle and he smirked while shrugging his shoulders. I rolled my eyes and got out of the car. It could've been worse. We walked up and the guy barely glanced at our fake ID's before letting us in.

Once we were inside, I saw people dancing, making out, drinking. It was like a house party, but monitored and not illegal. Kyle took me to the bar and ordered a beer. I got water and we sat there for a moment before a girl walked up.

"Hey, my friends dared me make out with you, so if you don't mind. I mean the punishment for not doing it is dying my hair green and I don't really want to do that," she said. I could clearly see that she was drunk.

"Sorry, I have a girlfriend," I calmly declined. Kyle smirked. He pulled the girl over to him and whispered in her ear and she smirked.

"Okay," she said walking away. I turned around to face the bar again. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. Instantly, a pair of lips crashed into mine and I was shocked. I saw a flash to my left and looked over to see that Kyle had taken a picture with my phone. The girl ran back to her table and I felt regret, sadness, and anger. I looked over at Kyle who was doing some things on my phone smirking.

I was fuming mad and he knew it. He tossed my phone to me and I looked down to see that he had posted the picture online. I knew that Violet had a notification for when I posted and she would definitely see it. I felt a tear glide down my cheek and I was shocked. I hadn't cried on a really long time.

I pulled my contacts up on my screen, everything was the same but one contact. It was Violet's, but Kyle had changed the contact name to Nerd and the contact photo to that girl kissing me. I looked over to Kyle who had his tongue down some girls throat and my tears were still there. I stood up off the bar stool and walked out of the club. I didn't have the keys to Kyle's car, so I hauled a late night cab taking it back to Violet's dorm.

I looked around and saw that Violet's car was gone. I ran into the building and up the stairs two at a time not wanting to wait for the elevator. I got to her dorm and it was unlocked, just like I had left it accidentally. The lights were off and Violet wasn't home. Her roommate was gone as well and I suddenly felt really depressed. I flopped back onto Violet's bed and let darkness take over me as I fell asleep.

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