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With Kiku and Alfred

"So dude, you're into manga?"

"....Hai. I can draw manga as well."

"That's so cool! I've always wanted to be the hero in manga!"

"...I see."

"The hero is the best role! I'm a hero myself! I've saved Mattie from bullies all the time!"

"...I see...."

"Yeah it was awesome!"

Toris walked into the room, "...M-mr. Ivan wants you." He muttered, "Both of you."

Kiku and Alfred took one glance at each other before getting up from the bed. They followed Toris into a spare room, mostly used for the customers. Ivan was awaiting there.

"Ah! Privet, Kiku and Alfred! There's a customer who wants a Japanese or American. I told him he can have both! Now you better be obedient to him!" Ivan smiled creepily, like it had some sort of darkness behind his smile. Kiku grabbed Alfred's hand.

Alfred hugged him softly, "Don't worry they tend to be a bit nicer than you think.

The man had come in after two minutes of silence. "...Now now, what are your names?"

"...I'm Alfred."

"...Honda Kiku, pleasure to meet you."

"You're going to wish you never met me."

~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~

Kiku and Alfred laid on their bed, completely exhausted. This person was not nice at all, he used bondage, apparently he was a sadist just like Ivan. "...I still have the whip marks." Kiku muttered, rubbing his back softly.

Toris came in, "...H-hello, M-Mr. Ivan said you c-can take a ba-bath..." Toris was shaking horribly, and it looked like he had been beaten previously.

"...Toris what happened, dude?"

"...M-mr. Russia found out I was sharing the bath with Feliks..." Toris muttered. Alfred ran up to him and hugged him softly.

It looked like the two were very close, Kiku noted.

Toris merely nodded, "...Al-Alfred helps m-me a lot."

"...I see." Kiku muttered.

Toris held onto Alfred and the two stayed like that for a while. Kiku, not wanting to be a third wheel, thought he should take a bath. "I'm going to take a bath." He muttered, walking out the door.

He began looking for the bathroom, soon finding it. It had a single tub in it. Kiku waited as he filled up the tub.

'Living in Japan until last year, I never really had much choices with men, I've always knew I've been gay, well pansexual. I'd like to have a variety in what I'm picking... Alfred is hot.' Kiku thought, sinking into the burning hot water. It reminded him of Japan.

"Kiku, you're using all the hot water."

"...Am I?"

"Sí! The owners are getting angry at how high their water bills are!"

"...Gomen'nasai, Antonio-San."

Ah, he remembered when he first moved to America. It was a hard time learning English, but he managed. He still had an accent, which changed the R's to L's, which managed to get himself bullied quite a few times.

But everyone had an accent when they moved, it wasn't like anyone hadn't seen someone like him before.


Roderich was looking around for more clues, over 400 teenagers have gone missing in these past 3 years and there was no leads at all, he gave a soft sigh. This was a harder case than he thought it would be. Almost all the detectives and policemen have been enrolled in the case and yet there had still been none leads, no bodies, and no nothing. It frustrated him knowing all those boys were still out there. "Honey, I'm home." He called through his apartment. 

"Hey Roderich." His wife peeked in through the kitchen door, "I'm making dinner, your favorite~" She sung, making a smile appear on his lips.

"Thank you, God knows I need it with this case."

"Bad day huh?" She hugged him softly, "I'll go beat all the bad guys with my frying pan if it wasn't illegal."

"That hasn't stopped you before," Roderich joked.

"No, and it won't stop me from hitting you with it." She smirked at his terrified face and retreated back to the kitchen.

With Matthias

Matthias was having the same issue as Roderich, and clues were something a detective needed. Sighing, he opened his door to his shared house, "Guys I'm home!"

A little boy came rushing towards him, "Dadddd! I finished my homework! We can play!"

Matthias smiled a bit, "Sorry Peter, I have to go work more, there's still paperwork I have to fill up."

"But dadddddddd!"

"Peter, let your dad do his work, it's what gets the bills paid." Tino said, picking up the small boy.

"Thanks Tino." Matthias said, letting out a soft sigh. "I'll be in my room if anyone needs me." He walked into his room, which was full with notes and poster boards.

"New victims, Kiku Honda, Matthew Williams, and Antonio Fernandez Carriedo." Another sigh, "3 teenagers ranging from ages 10 to 21, each week taken. No clues, no nothing's..." He ran a hand through his hair.

"52 weeks times 3... 6...5...1... 156 weeks times 3, is... 8...6...4... 468 boys taken. What are they doing with them? If they were dead they would be found... So why? There must be some sort of burial spot for them unless they're still alive. But what are the uses?" He thought out loud, pacing around the room. 

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