Chapter 42

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---------------8 months later-------------

Your P.O.V

I was still in bed. I couldnt be bothered getting up, Sherlock was on some case and I was due anyday now. Mary and John had already had theirs (I just wanna add this in, give me the satisfaction). A little boy called William and a little girl called Rosamund. They decided to call the baby boy after Sherlock. I finally mustered up the strength to get up and waddled into the living room. I decided to go downstairs and see my brother. Chris and his friends decided to stay till the babies were born to monitor me 24/7. I locked 221B and walked to 221c. I knocked and my brother let me in. I immediately went to the couch and sat down. Tom was filming everything and taking pictures around the flat for when the girls were born. He pointed the camera at me. Chris went to the kitchen and made me a cup of tea. One sip into the tea and my stomach exploded in pain. "JESUS, CHRIS, WHAT THE HELL IS IN MY TEA? YOU TRYING TO BLOODY POISON ME?", I shouted at him, making Tom laugh. My stomach exploded in pain. My pjs felt soaked a minute later. Tom didnt notice, he was still laughing. "Tom quit laughing you stupid idiot, I think Y/N's gone into labour. I'll phone an ambulance, you phone Sherlock, John and Mycroft.", Chris panicked. I couldnt take notice of anything. My head was spinning and I was in agony. The next thing I knew, I was being wheeled into an ambulance and being driven to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital and I was rushed into A&E. I got lifted into a bed and a few minutes later Sherlock was by my side, holding my hand. By now, my hormones were raging and I was in utter agony. "Oh, my favourite psychopath is here now(!)", I said sarcastically. "I'm just going to ignore that dear", he sighed. "But not that it matters I'm a high functioning sociop--", he added. "SHUT THE HELL UP YOU DIP-STICK!", I shouted and yelled out in pain. John was laughing. "YOU TOO YOU HEDGEHOG!", I yelled.

----------------10 hours later--------------

Sherlock's P.O.V

After ten hours of Y/N in complete pain and ten hours of her tossing insults around and calling John and I a bunch of names that I would rather not repeat, our little baby girls were finally here. I sat beside Y/N and wrapped my arm around her. "You did good dear", I assured her. "We did good.", She managed to laugh. Two little bundles of joy were placed in Y/N's arms. I started to tear up and so did Y/N. "Are we using those names?", I asked her. "I think we should", she said smiling. "Okay", I said. "Liliana Rose Holmes and Alison Harper Holmes", I smiled. We had decided on those names ages ago. I loved my little family. I looked at Y/N to see her smiling contently. It was amazing. Then everyone poured in. Mycroft, John, Mary, William and Elise, Chris, Chris's friends, Sam, Molly, My parents and then...Y/N's parents?.

Your P.O.V

I couldnt have been more happier in my life. Everyone walked into the room and i noticed my mum and dad. "Chris called us", My mum said. "Awwww they are gorgeous!", She cooed. Everyone was taking turns of holding them and giving us compliments. They were twins but they werent identical. "What did you name them?", Mrs Holmes asked. "Liliana Rose Holmes and Alison Harper Holmes", I replied proudly. I was perfectly happy with the way my life was. It was absoloutley amazing. They had Sher's icy blue eyes, defined, sharp cheekbones and my curly locks. I smiled. They were going to be hearthrobs when they grew up.

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