About Me: Liz Kaplan

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Hey um... I'm Elizabeth Kaplan or as teacher at school know me as Elizabeth Ring (my mom's maiden name is Ring) but I would prefer people call me Liz. Not that it really matters anyway. I'm a social outcast and that's the way I like it. The last friend I had was in 7th grade and she died in a car crash. She was my best friend and I haven't really had friends since cause I see no reason too. i go to Orange Cove High School. It's kind of a weird name but it's a great school. I have natural long red hair but I dyed it so it's black before school started. It goes all the way down to my butt so it's a hassle but I like it this long. I have a ton of freckles too. I'm also and pale as a ghost. I also have green eyes even though the rest of my family has blue eyes. My parents are really rich but I don't really use their money a lot. Not as much as my older sister Kate. She's a year older than me but she's in my grade because my parents wanted us to be in the same grade. When we were 7 and younger we got along but now she can't stand my and I don't know why. My birthday is May 1st so I'll be 18 in about a month and a half. I love wearing clothes that are too big for me. I'm a small in basically everything but I wear larges. Even though we live in California I wear pants everyday and a jacket almost everyday. I also love wearing all black. I love jeans and skinny jeans but not super skinny jeans just skinny jeans. That's really it about me so um... yeah.

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