2p!France x Seme!Male!Reader

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Story by: Flowey_The_Tsundere_Flower
Hetalia belongs to: Hidekaz Himaruya
WARNING: This is France we're talking about. Of course, there'll be sexual themes, idiota.


Francois was at it again, and you were getting tired of him already. Seriously, how much longer was he going to keep trying!? You wished, you really wished, that he would STOP TRYING TO GROPE YOUR FUCKING ASS!! SERIOUSLY! Every time you stood up, walked past, sat down, or moved at all whenever he was near, you had to dodge Francois's wandering hands. Not that you didn't like the attention............BUT it was still really annoying! Maybe it wasn't the best choice to wear your F/C, leather skinny jeans, but everything else was in the wash since your incident with Oliver's cupcakes, pink food dye, and a stray, lit cigarette........ 

ANYWAY, as you sat on the couch next to Francois, you were steady watching him. When was he planning to grope you? It was almost as if he WASN'T going to do something, considering he hadn't really moved for about one and a half hours..................................NO! NO, YOU WERE TOO SMART FOR THAT! He had something going through his mind. You could tell. "Why 're you staring at me?....." You yelped at Francois's sudden voice, almost falling off the couch. He simply stared with bored eyes as you fought to regain your breath. Once you could breath again, you locked eyes with the dirty blonde male, his purple irises burrowing into your own E/C ones. Your faces remained stoic as you stared at each other. 'Okay. I know he's gonna try something. When's he gonna do it, though? This is kinda freaking me o-HUH?!' 

A gasp escaped you as you were suddenly pinned down by Francois, your hands pinned above your head. "Heh...Tu es très sexy mon amour....~(Heh...You're very sexy my love....~)", he rumbled in your ear, licking it after. A shiver vibrated your entire body. You hadn't noticed, but since he had pinned you down so suddenly, your F/C t-shirt had ridden up, showing your Adonis lines (you know, the "V" kind of lines on guys near their bellybuttons and hipbones that point to their crotch? Yeah those.) and well toned S/C muscles. Francois used one hand to keep your hands pinned while the other roamed down your chest and stomach. When they reached your belly button, you let out a low, frightening growl and snarled, snapping your teeth at him. Francois immediately stopped, knowing what harm you could do, considering you ripped a man apart once when they had the guts to say you had the strength of a baby. 

Well, they got what was coming to them, which was an ax to the face. Before the French knew it, you had shoved him backward, forcing him to lay back on the couch instead. His cigarette fell out of his mouth and landed on the floor, where you stomped on it with your black combat boot. When it was put out, you slowly turned back to the Frenchman on the couch, who was looking at you with slight fear. You were C/N, one of the most violent countries to exist, so he had the right to be scared after purposely touching you. A smirk found it's way on your face as you climbed onto Francois. He tensed up as you leant down to his neck, only for his eyes to widen when you licked it. Your tongue traveled up and down his neck before latching onto it and sucking harshly. A gasp escaped Francois as he felt your lips and tongue touch his sensitive skin.

 He really wasn't expecting THIS. You kept sucking each and every part of his neck until he let out a low moan, signaling that you found his sweet spot. You smirked before biting down, making Francois moan louder. Your hand traveled up and down his body, rubbing the inside of his thighs and squeezing his hips. You separated your mouth from his neck, only to smash it into his lips to kiss him, which he returned needily. Just as your hands began to toy with Francois's belt, you heard the front door open and close loudly. 'Shit.' "Francois! M/N! Were hoooooooome!~", Oliver's voice rang out, followed by grumbles from Matt and Allen. You and Francois quickly lept up to fix yourself, hoping that you didn't look suspicious. Oliver soon came into the room and chuckled. "Well, looks like nothing happened here! I'll go make dinner!~", he sang before leaving you to alone once again. He never told anyone else about the purple hickey he saw on Francois's neck that day.  

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