Midnight Wake Up Calls.

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Y/N's P.O.V

I stirred slowly as I woke up to Hope's crying, I silently groaned as I got up out of bed, she may not be my child but I act as if she was. I turned to see Klaus rolling over, not noticing that I was gone.

I pouted as I picked Hope up, her cries calming down a little bit. I sat down in the rocking chair, moving her so she was laying on my chest. I started humming a slow tune, smiling when she laid her head down and started closing her eyes, I let out a soft laugh as I remember the first time Klaus found me with her like this, she must like you, because she will never fall asleep so easily for me. This is cute, really.

The memory still very clear in my mind, I leaned my head back against the cushion, my eyes closing every few seconds.

Klaus's P.O.V

I lazily slung my arm out, expecting it to land on Y/N's waist. Out of instinct my eyes flew open, seeing that she wasn't anywhere in the bedroom, I got up, tugging my loose pajama bottoms up. "Y/N." I called out softly, sleep evident in my voice. As I walked past Hope's room I heard a soft creaking noise. I pushed the door open to see Y/N asleep in the rocking chair with Hope laying on her chest.

Slowly I lifted Hope off of Y/N and laid her down in her crib as she slept. I placed my hand on the back of the rocking chair to make it stop moving, silently debating about waking Y/N or not.

I felt a small smile work its way onto my face as I placed an arm under her back, followed by another arm under her knees, lifting her up off the chair. I felt her stir slightly, her eyes opening for a split second, "I can walk you know." She laughed into my shoulder, lazily slinging her arms around my neck.

"You wouldn't even walk two feet before falling over from being tired, love." I mumbled to her as I approached our room, she smiled against my skin, "You're right." I heard her say quietly, she let her arms fall down onto the bed as I set her down.

"Klaus." She mumbled as I walked to the other side of the bed, climbing in behind her. I hummed in response, she turned onto her side, facing me, laying her head on my chest. "Thanks." She mumbled, her eyes closing almost instantly, "You're welcome." I replied, even though she was already asleep.

I started drifting off to sleep before both of our eyes snapped open as Hope started crying again. 

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