chapter one (the day I met him)

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*your pov*
I was with my big brother joel je told me that his friends were coming over and of course cnco and I was fine with that I jsut went to my room...*minutes later*I heard screaming went to check and saw joel and his friends coming its was christopher erick, zabdiels,richard, yoandri, johann ,...joel saw me looking at them
*Nobodys pov*
Joel:* sees you looking at him and his friends* y/n come down here! No seas asi!*all his friends look at y/n chris and erick looks at you then looks down*
Joel:come down here right now!
Y/n: ugh!está bien *You go down*hey guys!
Chris gets up and says: hola mi amor cono estas *blushing*
Friends: ooooohhhhh!!!!
Y/n:*blushes and chuckles*bien gracias!
Zabdiel: dimelo mami!como esta!
Y/n :*you give zabdiel a hug * bien! *y/n saw erick and erick got why and just sad hi *
Y/n: Hola erick!
Erick: Hola!
Joel: ok y/n! Ya te puedes ir!
Y/n: nahhh! I wanna stay now! *You sit next to erick and he holds your hand*
Christopher saw and got jealous and he....

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