Louis was confused for a moment before he asked, "What are you talking about?" and looked over at his alpha.

Harry rubbed his neck nervously before the doctor explained, "Your husband called me up in the middle of the night because your temperature was high. He did not want to wake you up since you are having trouble sleeping," as he took the wand and started moving it around the gel while looking directly at the black and white screen.

The alpha avoided eye contact from how cheesy he sounded and looked at the screen ahead.

Louis was looking at the love of his life fondly because it showed how much he cares about their wellbeing. He held his hand and started watching the screen with him then smiled once he heard his triplet's heartbeat. Harry smiled as their fingers were intertwined and looked at their triplets in the screen.

Dr. Jefferson said, "The triplets are doing alright, the boys are doing just great but the girl is so hard to find."

The sentence themselves made the couple freeze in their spot. Louis said immediately with his eyes wide, "B-But you told us that it was two girls and one boy," and the alpha nodded in agreement while his face was filled with confusion.

Dr. Jefferson furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at the screen and said while adjusting his glasses, "Was I wearing my glasses that day?" and it made the omega face palm.

"Please tell me that you're not the one doing the C-section," Harry begged.

Dr. Jefferson gasped and said, "That's offensive. Yes, I will be the one doing the C-section, finding out the gender is difficult but now that the triplets grew, it shows perfectly. I can even tell if they're an omega, alpha or beta," and grinned to himself proudly while still moving the wand around.

Louis looked at his alpha and said, "We're going to have two boys and one girl," and smiled nevertheless. He doesn't care about the gender but just the idea of having triplets makes his heart warm.

Harry leaned down and kissed him softly before he pulled away to ask the doctor, "Can you actually know... you know?"

Louis groaned and said with an amused smile, "It doesn't matter, it won't change the way I feel about them."

Dr. Jefferson nodded with a knowing smile and said, "I studied in that field for a year so I can tell. Want me to tell you? It's pretty interesting."

Harry paused for a moment before he requested, "Can you write it down in a paper and slide it to me?"

Louis gasped and said, "Excuse you, no he's not. Slide the paper to me," and pointed at himself.

Dr. Jefferson suggested, "How about I tell you both right now and at the same time?"

The alpha pointed at the doctor and said, "You got a point there," which ended up with the omega giggling as he added, "Just, adjust your glasses this time and be sure about it."

The doctor gave the alpha an amused look before he went back to looking at the screen and said, "Alright, boy number one is obviously an alpha. Boy number two is an omega for sure. The girl is hidden here somewhere – ah, found her. She is..."

They both leaned in a bit to see the screen in order to figure it out even though they won't and waited for an answer patiently.

"She's an omega, too, congratulations."

Louis started crying and said, "They are so tiny and precious," and tried wiping off his tears but more tears appeared instead.

Harry always prepared himself by keeping a box of tissues next to him because he knew his omega way too well. He handed the box to him and his omega replied with, "Thank you," before blowing his nose furiously.

The doctor said, "Don't forget to wipe the gel from your baby bump," which made Harry immediately wipe it clean with tissue as he added, "Now that we know that the triplets are safe, explain to me from the start. What happened?"

Louis bit his bottom lip and said, "I-I don't know, I woke up and my body felt like it was on fire. For a moment there, I couldn't breathe and I actually thought that... I don't know," and shrugged as if he thought that what he was going to say next would seem stupid.

Harry helped him sit on one of the chairs that was in front of the doctor's office table and whispered reassuringly, "It's okay, go on," and sat down next to him while holding his hand.

Louis seemed unsure as he continued, "I thought that I was going to die," which made the alpha wince as he continued, "Never mind, I'm sorry, it's stupid," and looked down to rub his baby bump as a distraction.

Dr. Jefferson said, "It's not stupid. We will run some tests and if it is what I think it is then we need to discuss it."

Louis nodded with a sad sigh as his alpha asked, "What do you think it is?"

The doctor looked at the couple for a second before he spoke up.

"I think it could be anxiety."

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