Boyfriend Imagines; Get to Know Me

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Underlined at the top are Author's notes. So basically notes from me😌

Y/n= Your name
B/n= boyfriend's name
Any other abbreviations needed in imagines will be put under the underlined texts.


Titles are written like this;

And the rest of the text is written in paragraphs.

In between asterisks (*) are phone calls/ text messages.

So i'll tell you a bit about me, to start off with i've been on Wattpad for a bit now, this is my second account and first book.

I'm a lonely cow so i made this book to cheer myself up, including all other potato girls, big and small♥️.
(We're gonna accept the fact that we're lonely and want a relationship but will never get one. Oh well..)
And for those who have boyfriends or even consider themselves as the goddess Aphrodite herself. Then i'm proud of u, keep up the love‼️♥️.

So... i enjoy reading on Wattpad, favourite colour is turquoise, and i have a passion for sports and sleeping. I'm real lazy too, so updates might be a bit slow.

I'm 5' 6 and and a proud British African 🇨🇲🇬🇧 (Born and raised in England UK, parents from Cameroun, Africa)

I live in London, and i really like fried chicken and pizza. I'm not a big fan of working in general🙃.

And there are a few things about me🙂.


+I'll update as much as i can.
+Hope you enjoy the book!


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