Boyfriend Imagines; Get to Know Me

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Underlined at the top are Author's notes. So basically notes from me😌

Y/n= Your name
B/n= boyfriend's name
Any other abbreviations needed in imagines will be put under the underlined texts.


Titles are written like this;

And the rest of the text is written in paragraphs.

In between asterisks (*) are phone calls/ text messages.

So i'll tell you a bit about me, to start off with i've been on Wattpad for a bit now, this is my second account and first book.

I'll say too, i do have a boyfriend😜. So some of these imagines might be based on real experiences with him.✌🏾

I enjoy reading on Wattpad, favourite colour is turquoise, and i have a passion for sports and sleeping. I'm real lazy too, so updates might be a bit slow.

My boyfriend and i have been together since March 27th (2016) and he actually suggested the idea.🤗

I'm 5' 6 and and a proud British African 🇨🇲🇬🇧 (Born and raised in England UK, parents from Africa)

I live in London, and i really like fried chicken and pizza. I'm not a big fan of working in general🙃.

And there are a few things about me🙂.


+I'll update as much as i can.
+Hope you enjoy the book!


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