The black haired woman just smiled as she invited herself inside, closing the door with her shoe behind her. "Rosa would be me", she smirked and shrugged her coat off, hanging it on the coat rack.

"I can't believe your here!" Jaime was beaming from ear to ear. "How did you know?"

"You had Zouis baby. How am I supposed to not know? Don't you twits read the paper?" Rosa ruffled her hair with slender fingers and glanced at Louis, who had come up behind Zayn with the baby. "You are cute in person."

"Jaime?" Louis turned a raised brow to her, asking for an explanation.

"We graduated from Secondary together", she smiled. "We were best friends! She was the only one who didn't reject me for being in that orphanage."

"She turned out alright", Rosa nudged her. "Now there are oodles of cars outside, and only two other people. And a baby. Why do you have so many?"

"I-... Um..." Louis was at a loss for words. This woman certainly was stron willed; she was already speaking her mind and hadn't even been in his home for five minutes! "I-in the living room...?" He gestured for them to follow him, prodding Zayn as he walked back.

The other men were just as they them; cuddled up together. "Ahem..", he cleared his throat. "Guys? I-... Erm... This is Rosa.."

"You all look like a bunch of horny teenage boys!" Rosa snorted, making Oliver sound for the first time. It started out as a small whine but escalated into one of those baby wails that are cute but annoying if it goes on for to long. Two little fists appearred from the blue swaddling blanket against Louis neck.

Oh for christ's sake! Louis glared at her before he went and turned into the kitchen, bouncing him gently while fixed a bottle. This would be so much easier if I could just nurse... In the living room, all eyes were on the sassy woman standing beside Jaime.

"Who are you?" Harry furrowed his brow, shooting Zayn a curious look, recieving only a shrug in return.

"I had to come see the Zouis baby." Rosa smirked at then, twirling a piece of black hair round and round her finger.

"How did you know about that?" Jaime looked at her, mouth parted slightly, not realizing her question had been answered once before. She had been sure to keep a check on all their twitter feed; there was no way it could've gotten out about Oliver. Or how she was his mother.

Rosa just rolled her eyes and strutted across the carpet, coming to a standstill in front of Harry and Niall. "You. Blondie." She pointed at him to jerked her finger. "Up. Make some room. Fat, lazy bums are supposed to sleep on the flo-.."

"Hold. The. Fucking. Phone." Harry glared up at her, partially helping a hurt Niall into his lap. "Who the hell do you think you are? First of all, no one invited you here. The only woman we allow is Jaime. Second, don't go putting your finger in my fiancés face. And third, if you ever call him fat again, you'll have me to answer to." A grunt came from Niall. He was looking up at him with round eyes, half filled with pain. The doctor had told him not to be scurrying and moving to much. Turns out, he had just bruised the muscle on the inside. Hence, the giant mottled blue mark on his lower back.

Anger forgotten, Harry grabbed him by his belt loops and simply pulled him onto his lap. "There..", he murmured in the bush of blonde, kissing it sweetly. "Do you need the medicine?" He may have been talking to Niall, but his eyes were shooting green daggers up at Rosa.

At the mention of the painkillers, Niall wrinkled his nose up. "I told you. I'm not taking those things, Harry. They're not good for the baby." He shifted around a bit, letting a sigh whistle out from between his teeth. More than anything, he wanted to go home and the woman had almost made him state so, but he knew how much Harry had wanted to come, so he held his tongue.

"Baby? You twits haven't got a baby." Rosa rolled her eyes for the second time and sat back, ignoring the shocked look she got from Jaime. Looking around, her gaze found Liam and David. "Well aren't you two just all cute and adorable. Especially you." She eyed Liam for a moment and looked to where Zayn was. "And you. Your the little devil that gets it on with Louis, yeah?"

"I think that's enough." Louis was standing beside Jaime, with Oliver cradled in one arm and his hand holding bottle to his toothless mouth. Anger was evident in his eyes. "Dinner is ready."

Zayn blinked and followed quickly to his husband. "She like you... Just in woman form..." A yelp echoed through kitchen when Zayn's foot was stomped on harshly. Understandable... Too early for jokes...

Niall hobbled in alongside Harry, taking a seat that Louis had so kindly already pulled out for him. They were the last ones at the table, of course. A smile was on his face, even when Rosa stole Jaime's seat at the table. But he hid what he was really feeling. "This.. This is wonderful, Lou..", he smiled. I bet I would enjoy it more if I weren't such a burden to Harry....

"Smells great, Toms." Using a new name for Louis, Rosa grabbed a plate and began spooning potatoes onto it. "Wonderful cook you are. I see why that guy wanted you."

Niall looked down as a slight scratching came from beside him. The short, clean and cut nails of Harry were making hairline clawmarks in the wooden piece of furniture. It was obvious Rosa had lost one fan. "Calm down, babe..", he whispered lowly, running a hand to his knee.

"Ahem.." Someone cleared their throat. A couple eyes looked to the edge of the table where David and Liam were. "Liam isn't feeling well..." The man was leaned into David, his head barely perched on his shoulder. His face a pasty look to it, much different than the look from ten minutes before. "I.. I think i'm going to take him back to his place..." David pushed his plate back almost in a hurry, while one arm supported his boyfriend.

"Oh, are you sure? You gus can go rest in the spare. Or my room, I really don't care." Jaime looked up with worried blue eyes as he helped Liam pull his coat on. "You mustn't rush off li-.."

Liam retched, his cheeks billowing out and throat closing all at once. Simply shaking his head and waving a hasty goodbye, he drug David out of the door behind him, slamming the door shut and further disgruntling the baby. A car started, leaving everyone inside with confused looks on their faces, except Zayn.

He had watched David tapping at the screen of his phone under the table. His eyes had caught the way the man's face paled when that last message came through. But what had interested Zayn most, was what he saw just before Liam became 'sick'. A message. From a woman.

One more night, David.

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