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New Country, New Love

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My name is Ashley. I am in 7th grade. I’m originally from Tallahassee, Florida, but now I live in Switzerland. I go to an international school. There is this really cute, hot, sweet boy, named Jason. I like him so much, but he is in 10th grade, and everyone knows 10th graders would never go out with younger girls. And no one knowsI like him besides a few of my closest friends; Shay, Vicky/Victoria, and Ciara. Shay is from Cali, Vicky is from Serbia. and Ciara is from Boston.

I am in love with music and dancing! I love rap and hip hop and pop and sometimes country. You can’t grow up in the south and not like a little bit of country. But my love for hip hop and rap consists of lots and lots of Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Diggy Simmons, Lil Twist and so on. hehe And then pop, hmmmmm. Well I am SO TOTALLY IN LOVE with this band. Mindless Behavior. BEST. BAND. EVER. I love Ray Ray and Princeton! <3 Ummm I LOVE Justin Bieber,

So thats a little bit about me….

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