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Not once did I ever think that after death I would wake up in a cool armor, but I did. Weird how strange things can get.

"So what's it gonna be ?" The cloaked woman asks, snapping her fingers at me to get my attention away from the armor as she walks around me. "I should've left you naked." She mumbles under breath but I still hear her anyways.

I refrain myself from saying some witty comment so my eyes just keep following her every move. "Deals like this always turn bad at some point. Like losing my soul for example."

She chuckles. "You watch too much television. No bad turns on this one. I promise." She whispers in my ear causing a shiver down my spine.

"I'll let you keep your strength, speed, and reflexes." She lists out.

"And healing or I might die on the job." I add.

She huffs in annoyance. "Fine, accelerated healing, but don't expect to be like Wade."

"No tricks?" I ask for reassurance for what seems like the 1,000th time since I got here.

She twirls a piece of my hair between her long pale fingers. "No tricks. You simply go back and get him off my ass."

"That might take a while." I tell her honestly since I literally know nothing about this guy, other than he's trying to desperately impress her. "Why do you care if he destroys the earth? There are many planets out there that also contain life. Earth is no longer special."

"Oh but it is! You know it has housed almost half of the infinity stones. I believe Thor Odinson explained it to you, right?" I stare at her and nod in agreement.

I sigh in defeat. "I don't like deals. Favor for Favor." I try persuade her.

"I like you. So be it." She smiles at me a bit overly excited for my comfort. Whatever, as long as I get to go back.

I take one last look around to see the many beautiful stars everywhere as far as the eye can see. Yeah we're on a big piece of rock floating in space. "So I guess I'll see you later."

She chuckles. "I better not see you here for another very long time." She pats my cheek before holding my head between her cold palms.

"Quick question. Can I keep the armor?" I interrupt her before she can send me back.

She rolls her eyes at me. "Yes, you'll need it. Now shush and let me do my job."

She mumbles some weird words that are hard to understand since it's not in any language that I understand.

"Close your eyes." She whispers. I close my eyes and feel instant coldness against my skin and slowly my body begins to be consumed by a paralyzing darkness.


So this is a little Halloween treat for you peeps.

*I'm dressing as Darth Vader this year coz why not ??? 💁

Sooo she just met Death, who's the reason Thanos wants the infinity stones. Aaaaand she wants Merly to go back to earth and fight him.😱

Stay safe 👍✌

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