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(3rd POV)

Dozens of news vans crowd the streets of New York along with hundreds of people. "Here we are right outside the Avengers tower. And as you can see here.." The camera then points to all the people being controlled by the police and others holding up signs of gratitude, sadness, and hatred. "...many have gathered here to find out more about the rumored death of one of earth's mightiest heroes." The news reporter says as she looks up to the tower.

"It's a shame to see such brave people go, especially so young. But that's the price they pay for stepping into the battlefield." A woman sobs as she holds a picture of her son in his military suit walking along with The Raven and Captain America.

"She had it coming! For all those people they got killed because of something they created." An angry man yells to the camera as a police officer drags him away.

"They're killers! That's what they are. It's about time one of them rotted in hell!" A woman with a foreign accent yells.

"We just want to know what happened to our hero!" A group of people chant.

"These people have been waiting here all night and day. They just want to know the truth about our hero and what condition she's in..." The television is suddenly shut off by Steve. "Why are they assuming she's dead?" He sniffles as he throws the remote on the table.

Tony turns to him as he puts down his flask. "That tends to happen to people when they get shot at multiple times."

"But her body is still healing itself." Natasha tells him as she rubs her tired puffy eyes.

"But what good does it do if her heart isn't beating? It hasn't for hours." Tony scoffs.

"We still don't know for sure if she might stay dead." Steve says as he looks back into the window of the room where Dr.Cho has been trying to bring Merly back to life with another cradle.

"Well the whole world is pretty much convinced she's dead." Tony adds. He then looks to Thor who is quietly staring outside the window. "Don't worry pal, those people are at the tower. We're at a new base they don't even know exists."

"That's not what I'm worried about." Thor simply replies. Steve walks over to him concerned. "What is it?"

Thor point to the stone on Vision's head. "The Mind Stone is the fourth of the Infinity Stones to show up in the last few years and Merly has come in contact with half of them. That's not a coincidence. Someone has been playing an intricate game and has made pawns of us. But once all these pieces are in position..."

"Triple Yahtzee?" Tony slurrs out but is ignored since everyone knows that he was drinking when he locked himself in his room after they told him what happened to Merly.

"I don't think Merly will stay dead for long." He tells everyone in the room.

"Why is that?" Wanda asks, shifting her attention away from Pietro for the first time since they got back from Sokovia.

"Because she's not entirely human." Thor answers as he debates whether or not to tell them the truth about her since it's not really his place to talk about it.

"You mean she might be an alien or a mutant?" Tony asks a bit sarcastically.

"A genetic Inhuman born from an Eternal." Thors says causing everyone to freeze up and stop what they're doing.

Natasha squints her eyes and shakes her head. "That's scientifically impossible."

"Her mother was captured by HYDRA and was experimented on in an attempt to create a superhuman. Out of dozens of failed trials, Raven was the only one who made it through because she had the Inhuman gene." Thor pauses for the others to ask questions but they're too busy processing the sudden information except for Vision.

"Who is her father?" Vision asks intrigued. Thor shrughs. "That I do not know, Loki however might have actually known something. I'm not so sure though."

Vision taps his chin with his finger a few times as he thinks then motions Thor to continue. "Merly was mentally evolving too fast for a normal human being, and Red Skull wanted those abilities for himself so one of the scientists took her away and managed to reverse the effects and destroy the research evidence."

"Mentally evolving?" Steve manages to get the words out through the thick bile rising in his throat.

"Her brain was able to process things faster than the adult mind ever could."

"A rapid mental growth would have killed her." Fury says a bit skeptically.

"Her accelerated healing is what kept her alive."

"She's an abomination. It makes sense why Pierce and Loki wanted her." Natasha looks at Fury knowingly since they were both looking in on that.

"Just how much can she do ?" Pietro asks intrigued for a few seconds forgetting the pain of his injuries.

"I'm not sure since her Inhuman gene isn't properly activated, but it's subconsciously there trying to keep her alive."

Dr.Cho walks into the room. "Well it's not doing a very good job at it."

She looks down, clears her throat and whispers "I'm sorry." Everyone in the room stays still except for Steve who walks out of the room with a few tears escaping his bloodshut eyes.

Natasha tries to go after him but Fury stops her and sits her back down next to Sam who has now taken a seat since he felt that his legs could no longer keep him up.
Maria Hill spills a few stray tears down her tablet as she sends a quick message to Clint.
Pietro buries his head between his palms, feeling full of guilt because Merly died saving not only him but Clint and a child he was trying to save.
Wanda lays her head on Pietro's back and closes her eyes as she rubs small circles on his shoulder as a way to relieve his tense aching back.
Fury looks at his broken and beaten Avengers, even Vision feels slight emotion over the matter at hand.

This is something they weren't prepared for, yet it was something they knew would eventually happen at some point...

...the fall of an Avenger.


#1 Question: What the hell is Bucky going to think when he finds out Merly died ? 😬

Anyways, Merly is also one of those heroes who has parent issues, specially daddy issues...well biological dad anyways. Any guesses on who the dad might be ???

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