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"Hello darling

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"Hello darling." Loki greets me as he bows down. In return, I give him an odd look and him a small wave.

"You know...I never thought that I'd ever meet a god." I tell him as I stand near the panel of his cell.

He gives me a warm smile and chuckles. "Well, I am the god of mischief. Not exactly the type of god your kind worship."

I nod in agreement."Nowadays people will worship anyone and anything as long as they get what they want."

"Like women worshipped you when you gave them a voice." He says. I give him a confused look as to how he knows so much about me without ever actually meeting me. But he's a god, so maybe the spy on us...? Isn't that what they do to answer 'prayers' ?

"I help and don't expect worship in return, unlike you." I tell him.

He smirks at me as he walks closer to the cell window. " Oh darling. You and I have more in common than you do with your colorful friends."

I roll my eyes at his response. "Oh really?"

He chuckles and nods. "Yes indeed, Merly."

I squint my eyes suspiciously at him since I never actually told him my real name. "Care to explain just how much we have in common."

He continues to smirk at me, and it's creeping me out. "You are a mystery to others. Your past is something that will only make you unworthy to others."

With each word, he steps closer to the glass as I also subconsciously walk closer to him. He looks down to me with amazement in his eyes. "You and I are one of a kind."

"I'm just a simple human with high responsibilities." I simply reply as I look down for a moment. Maybe he's just getting into my head just to mess with me.

"You are more than just a regular human being darling." He looks at me sincerely now.

Jesus christ! This guy is confusing me with his rapid change of emotions. And he's being too nice to me when he usually is being rude to others.

"You are a rare being that I have been honored to meet." He says.

"I am a being who knows nothing about herself." I honestly tell him as I fiddle with my hands behind my back.

"I know. And I don't highly recommend you look deep into it if you want them to trust you." He advices me quietly, barely above a whisper.

"But it's the only thing I've been searching for." I tell him.

He sighs. "Looking farther into it will only make things worse."

"Why are you telling me this ?" I finally ask him.

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