Toris and Feliks

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Third Person POV

Toris followed Feliks into his room, "...Yes Feliks?"

"Like, look! I found some totally awesome pink ribbons!! Can you do my hair?" Feliks asked, showing off the pink ribbons, which looked like silk.

"...Of course." Toris muttered, taking the ribbons and tying up Feliks hair in a pony tail.

"There's like two more ribbons so you should totally tie up your hair as well! I'll like totally braid it!"

Toris sighed, giggling a bit at the Polish teen's antics. "Alright."

"Like, sit down on the bed, because you're like taller than me."

Toris nodded, sitting down on the bed, turning his body so he was watching the wall. His hair and back were turned towards Feliks. Said teen began to fix Toris' hair. Toris began to get lost in his mind, a safe zone for him.

"I'm done! You're like so cute!" Feliks said, fawning over his work.

"H-huh? Thank you, Feliks." His hair was braided and now on his shoulder. Toris' face burned, leaving a blush on his face.

Feliks poked Toris' cheek, now gushing over how red his face turned. Toris huffed, "A guy doesn't like to be called cute, Feliks."

"...I don't like care, you're like so cute right now."

Toris rolled his eyes, "I'm going to take a bath, I'll sneak you in with me."

"You like don't have to, if Ivan like ever found out, you'll totally be in like a lot of trouble."

"It's fine."

"It's like not, but I'm like so dirty right now. And I need to like keep clean and sparkling."

Toris nodded, sitting up and walking out of the room, Feliks trailing from behind. He walked to 'Ivan's throne room' as Ivan liked to call it.

"...Mr. Ivan. Could I go and bathe?"

"Da, you may."

Toris walked out, walking to the bathroom. Feliks followed him. "Like thanks, Toris."

"It's no problem, I'd hate for you to have to... Do that... To bathe."

"Yeah I know."

Toris began to strip, sitting in the tub. Feliks instantly glanced up, "Your back..." He muttered.

"...Its nothing." Toris muttered back.

"He's like whipped you. You have all these nasty scars now."

"I'm fine, Feliks."

Feliks touched one and Toris hissed in pain, "Yeah, you're like totally fine there." He said sarcastically.

Toris rolled his eyes, staying quiet. "Get in the tub already, he might hear you."

"...You take the brunt of everything. He likes to abuse you a lot. This isn't like fair... Why do you insist on like taking punishment for them?"

"...They're too young to get hurt, Feliks."

"What about you!? You like never think about yourself!!"

"I'll be fine."

The duo was too busy arguing to notice that Ivan was standing in the doorway. "...Toris was very naughty, da?"

The duo jumped, "Bath time is rewarded." He said again.

Toris gasped, swallowing his fear down, "I-It was my fault, sir. I deserve the punishment. I told Feliks he could sneak in with me."

"That's like not true!" Feliks said, determined to help Toris. Said teen glared at Feliks. Feliks was frightened of Ivan as much as the next person, but Toris is too self sacrificing.

Ivan simply smiled, "Get dressed Toris. We have a... Session to get to." Ivan left.

Toris sighed, getting up and changing into his clothes. "Don't get into trouble please." He said, walking out.

Feliks simply huffed, walking to his room. He laid flat on his bed, "Damn it, Toris, sometimes you're like so dense."

With the outside world.

"We have to find them. We have to." Lovino said, crossing his arms.

"You need to calm down, Lovino... They're aren't going to come back like that." The detective said, he went by the name of Matthias. "Can you tell me what happened?"

"...I've told this story like a million fucking times! It isn't going to change that he's gone!"

"Please tell me so we know." Matthias cringed inwardly at the Italian's language.

"...Ugh. Fine. Antonio and I were walking down to the orphanage, coming back from getting groceries. And this van started to trail us, I guess Antonio had a bad vibe or something... So he picked me up out of my seat in the cart and told me to go get Kiku or Bharat. When I did that, Kiku told me to stay here. Then he followed them, I ran back here, and he never came back.

~Francis' House~

"Oh my poor babies, both kidnapped!" Francis said, pacing around.

"Sir we need you to stay calm."

"...I can't!!! I wasn't there for Alfred three years ago, and I wasn't there for Matthieu yesterday." Francis said, placing his face into his hands.

A little boy, around the age of 12 peeked out of the door way. He had blonde, slicked back hair. "Hello there." The detective said, his name was Roderich. "What's your name?"

"...L-Ludwig..." The shy boy said, looking down.

"Is Francis your father?"

The boy shook his head, "No... My mommy and daddy are dead."

"...I see. Is Francis taking care of you?"

"Not for long. Big brother Gilbert is going to pick me up."

"...Gilbert was pronounced missing three years ago, and I'm Ludwig's official guardian. Gilbert is my best friend." Francis said, urging Ludwig to come to him. Ludwig raced to Francis, holding his hands out. Francis picked up Ludwig.

"How old is he?"

"...He's 9."

(Yes there will be Gerita. But Italy is older than Germany so the ages vary.)

"...Mr. Roderich, are you going to find my brother, Matthew, and Alfred?"

"...I'm going to try."

"Thank you." Francis muttered, holding Ludwig to himself.

"...No problem sir. But I have to ask you, are Matthew and Alfred your biological children?"

"...Oui. They are. My wife died a few years ago."

"I will find your sons. And Ludwig, I will find your older brother." The detective proclaimed, walking out of the house with a sad sigh. He wasn't so sure he could find them at this point, so many boys have gone missing and none have been found. 

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