Chapter 2

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Aphmau POV

Right now, I am getting dressed in an outfit similar to what I use to wear back when I was with the sky army but I obviously don't fit in the same outfit that I appeared on the island where the hall is. I made an outfit that looks the same though.

"Jess it's time to go!" Katelyn shouts. I put on my SnapBack on before walking out of the bathroom. What I am wearing is a purple vest top which is longer at the back with black shorts and a belt where weapons go. The belt is the same belt from when I was 16. Sadly, the hunger games need you to find the tools so my weapons are in a bag that Katelyn is carrying on her. My weapons are basically an enchanted diamond sword, enchanted 'budder' sword, a bow and many budder tipped arrows.

"Let's go then. Don't want to be late." I put on a budder coloured jacket before walking out of the door, making my way to the arena. Katelyn will join me in a few minutes since all of the contestants have to meet at the arena really early. I walk up to the two guards and tell them that I want to enter the hunger games and they let me in. Only 22 contestants could sign up and be here early and I was luckily the last person here. Usually it would be 24 but the two hunger games kings are joining in this game. I follow one of the guards to the room with the other contestants and sit down in one of the chairs, sizing up my opponents. They all seem really weak but never judge a book by its cover. They could be strong.

"The hunger games is starting. Please stand on your number and wait." A robotic voice says. Everybody goes and stands on their numbers, including Mitch and Jerome who just entered the room. They didn't pay any attention to the contestants and just went into their number. I go into the number 24 and all of our spots start to rise. Soon, we are all in an arena covered in trees. A forest. In the middle of us, there is a bunch of chests probably filled with items. Soon, the countdown starts. I get into a running position facing the middle like everybody else. As soon as the countdown reaches 0, I turn the opposite direction and run into the forest, everybody else but two people running into the middle. I hear three cannons go off, signalling the death of three contestants. I find a building and start raising the chests, finding a leather chest plate and a wooden sword. I go into another chest and take the steaks and leggings, putting the leggings on. I make sure the house is raided before jumping on top of some trees, going over to a chest and taking the bow and three arrows. I hear some tussling behind me and instantly turn around, blocking a sword with my own before throwing the man off of me. I lunge at him and strike at him a few times before watching him disappear and his stuff dropping to the floor. I take the food, arrows and stone sword before running, listening to the two cannons go off behind me. Looks like one other person was defeated. I run into another building and open the chests but they are all empty so I climb up to the top of the building, listening to two more cannons go off. I scan the area to see any people nearby but there is nobody around. I start climbing the trees, finding more armour and putting it on, cannons going off one by one. Soon, I see somebody so I jump from the trees and strike at him. He must have been low in health since he teleported away instantly, leaving tons of useful equipment such as arrows and more food. Soon, the countdown for the arena match starts so I prepare all my my equipment in its rightful place, making sure it's easy to reach. Before long, I am teleported into the arena with both Mitch and Jerome and with one other contestant. We all get into a fighting stance, me and the other contestant who is a girl against the two kings.

"Fight!" The robotic voice from earlier says. They both lunge at the girl and quickly take her out before turning to me. I take out my two stone swords and start blocking and striking at them both, mainly going for Jerome who is the weakest of the two. I knock Mitch far enough away to strike at Jerome with both my swords, knocking him down by kicking him in the chest and holding my sword to his throat, watching him teleport away. That is the move I always defeat Jerome with. I quickly turn to Mitch and block his sword.

"I don't know who you are but I will not let you defeat me!" He shouts with enthusiasm. I smile at that. We start striking at each other, trying to knock each other down but failing miserably so I pretend to strike near his head, making him block his head but instead I go for his stomach, slicing across it lightly, making him teleport away.

"And the winner is Jessica Odisin!" A man says over the speaker. I am teleported onto a golden post with a crown on my head and a crowd I front of me. Next to me is Mitch on a silver post and Jerome on a bronze post. A man comes up to me.

"Here is your prize money. You will get to meet BajanCanadian and Jerome after the crowd is gone." I nod and he walks away. Many people come up to me and congratulate me, asking for pictures and autographs. It takes two hours before the last person is Katelyn. She runs up to me and hugs me, making me fall over.

"That was amazing Jess!" She gets up and gives me her hand, helping me stand up before giving me the bag of my tools. I put all of the weapons on my belt that has emptied of all weapons from the games before turning to the guys.

"Hi Jerome. Hi Mitch. How's life?"

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