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*triggering in some parts*

3rd POV

Black. Black was many things. Black was the assigned color of death.  It was the color of his soul. And it used to be his favorite color before he saw her hair for the first time. 

But black was not the color of blood. It wasn't meant to seep out in thick liquid form. It wasn't meant squirt every where. But that was exactly what it was doing.  And alpha blaze had no idea what to do. 
He stared at Aurora, her eyes closed, her body shaking and trembling. He then looked out at the crowd, his pack, most of the faces full of astonish and fear.

Without thinking he lifted her, carrying her bridal style. He ran out of the the stage and pack into the pack house, signalling for his beta to take over the assembly.

He beelined for the med room, placing her on the table and looking up to the pack doctors for answers. 

This wasn't supposed to happen. The wound was supposed to close after the chant and and the pack symbol to form take place on her wrist.

"Call her family, and figure what the hell is happening to her." he ordered.

If the doctors knew any better he would think that alpha blaze had affection for the unconscious girl.

A man stepped into the room,"Alpha, her family is here."

Alpha Blaze followed his follower down the corridor until he stopped in front of the guest room.

"They're inside here, sir."

Blaze stepped into the room to come in the venomous gaze of Aurora's father. 

"What the hell did you do to her!" He screamed out yelling almost abut to attack Blaze if it weren't for his son who was stepping in the way. Puny, Blaze thought, looking at Daniel Evans.

His eyes flicked back up to her father,"I did nothing," he gritted out,"the only thing I did was welcoming her into he pack, when she deserved to die for her sins."

"Well, I didn't ask you to fucking welc-" 

"We appreciate you keeping her alive, especially after the monstrosity the she created, but our pack seer may have an idea of what is going on." The next to be Alpha cut in, moving out of the way, to reveal a blubbering old woman pacing around the room.

She suddenly looked up and stared straight into Blaze's sole, her eyes were filled with contempt. She scurried over to him and grabbed his hand. Blaze and to bend over slightly to accommodate with he fact that her height was 2 feet below his.

"Take me to Aurora."

Blaze led the Seer to the infirmary where Aurora lay unconscious. Her eyes gazed over Aurora, her hands going to touch her but never doing so, just floating over her body. She started reciting insults, like idiot and imbecile over and over again, it slowly getting louder each time. Mabel finally looked at Alpha Blaze.

"You idiot!" She screamed at him.

Not wanting to be rude to the old woman who was here to help, he clenched his fists and politely asked,"What?"

Mabel rolled her eyes, or about as far as her pupils would go in her 95 year old sockets,"You're obviously her mate, even a blind man could tell, but the thing is you marked as your pack with out marking her as your mate? What kind of person are you? More like a pathetic excuse for your title."

"First of all, even if she is my mate as so you claim, why can't I accept her without marking her?"

"Because she's special, and whether she hasn't told you about it or not, I won't."


Mabel refused to respond and walked out of the infirmary back to the guest room.

Suddenly Alpha Blaze pulled her back, "So how do I stop the bleeding?"

"You have to suck it out of her." Mabel said nonchalantly

"What the fu-I'm not a bloodsucker lady." Blaze sputtered out, there was no way in hell he was sucking that shit.

Mabel continued to walk out, not caring what Alpha Blaze said.

Right before she finally left his presence, Blaze blurted out,"So I have to mark her to make her part of this pack?"

"No imbecile, she is special, like I have been repeating over and over, but you seem to be deaf. In order to have her part of your pack you need to mate with her, not mark her."


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