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In the small city of Cape Appledale, lived the two hottest twins, Mitchell Gregory Clifford and Michael Gordon Clifford. They were anything but ordinary, and every person that stepped foot in their existence weren't sure whether they wanted to be them, or be on top of them. There was no way around it.

Mitchell was the badass twin. He always kept his hair dyed as a fiery red, wore studded leather jackets and fingerless gloves, drove a polished, coal-black motorcycle to school everyday, listened to bands like 'Motionless In White' and 'BlessTheFall', and had gauges. He was the epitome of a punk in the eyes of the jocks, cheerleaders, nerds -- even the quiet ones, which lead to where his twin brother was categorized.

Michael, he was the softie twin. He refused to dye his hair different colors because he didn't want to resemble Mitchell. He wore prolonged sweaters and beanies, rode his vintage bicycle to school because he cared a lot about the environment, listened to artists like 'Ariana Grande' and 'Pvris' and also had gauges. He was the opposite of what people called Mitchell, and was often the one that was disowned or thrown into the bushes because he wasn't as cool as his twin brother.

They were the talk of the school, the students dividing into a ritual of half and half, part of them choosing Mitchell for his punk-like qualities, while the others chose Michael, because they weren't interested in dating a bad boy.

But there was Calum Hood.

He wasn't sure what he wanted, because when he looked at Mitchell, he wanted Michael, and when he looked at Michael, he wanted Mitchell. To sum it up, he wanted both of them. Calum was never the kind of guy who went for the rebel, but he was also never the kind of guy who followed up with somebody who resembled a kitten. It was always somewhere in between. But in this case, there were exceptions.

Michael had two best friends, Luke Robert Hemmings -- classified as a book nerd, dressed like superheroes on odd days and like cartoon characters on even, wore oversized flannels most of the time, and was kind of geeky, but defensive when he wanted to be -- and Ashton Fletcher Irwin -- known as the boy who wanted to be a chef, wore round glasses that reminded everybody of Harry Potter, and laughed at the stupidest of things.

They were the kind of people that mothers warned their children about -- trouble -- but nobody ever saw that side of them, because they were too focused on staring at Mitchell and Michael.

The thing about the twins is that everybody was crushing on them, even the teachers who taught them their everyday lessons. But Calum -- he was special, he was the chosen one in both of their lives, and the brunette liked what he saw on each one of them.

Which is why he was indecisive about the entire thing. He wanted both.

And the thing about Calum was that he was lucky, because despite everyone wanting the twins -- the twins wanted him.

And that left the Maori stuck with the decision of choosing which twin he really wanted to be with, and that brought on more complications than he expected.




This story isn't going to have really long chapters, sorry!! 😂

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