Ramsay Bolton Smut

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Hey, it's izzy. Haven't written an imagine in a while and I found that there is too little Ramsay smut. So I thought that I would write my own.

I know many people don't like Ramsay, but I alway have found a humor in him and loved him from his first scene. I want you to comment down below your favorite Ramsay moment after you read this. It will be fun to see what the answers are.

Thanks for reading- amazing_izzy

Cold, dim, dank, foul. I could go on and on with words to describe the bleakness of the dreadfort. The bodies of Ramsay's toys lined the exterior, maggots imbedded in there fat and oxidizing muscles. The snow on the ground was as grey as the sky, the ice was as sharp as the tip of the bastards knife. And the wind bit just about as much as his pack of hounds. The walls all screamed RAMSAY RAMSAY RAMSAY, it was as though I could never escape him.

I was sent to this barren land a week ago, my own cowardly father sold me off to the bastard of Bolton. Evidently I was hand picked by the sadist himself, I was exactly what he wanted. Pale skin, green eyes, long curly brown hair, he wanted a woman who looked regal. He wanted someone who was visibly weak, helpless.

I knew my fate here, I was to be his perfect little girl and he my master. I was to show a blind eye to his unusual pleasures, I was going to have to accept that I am to be wed to a sociopath. I was going to have to tolerate being touched by his bloodied hands, I was going to have to learn to love and lust the man who repulses me most in this world.

"M'lady, Ramsay wants you in his chambers at once," the small voice of the forgotten Iron Born brought me back from my depressed thoughts. "He said you'd need to be wearing that red dress that he likes, I-I am instructed to help you into it myself."

"I guess there is no way out of this, is there?" I mutter softly, my gaze traveling directly to Ramsay's window. A soft outline of him is seen through the snow and wind, I couldn't even see his face but I knew he was smiling, I knew he was watching. Imagining the horror on my face as his dirty man slave touches my skin, see me in my purest state to get me ready for him. My unhappiness gives him the greatest pleasure the world has to offer.

I couldn't say that anything I was about to do was pleasant, having a dirty man put you into your best dress. Having your guts squeezed in by a corset before you are wrapped in blood red satin. Reek was trying to be nice, averting his eyes. Trying to be as respectful as possible, but it was just too disturbing. The sight must have been humiliating. And humiliating is what my betrothed desired.

I swiftly walked to his door step, his chamber hidden high up in the tallest tower. People have said it's so you can't hear the screams, or you won't see the carnage that's dragged out of there week by week. But I knew it's because he wanted people to think that, he wanted to be feared.

I reach the looming door, there it stood right in front of my face. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes for a second as I exhaled. Bringing my hand up for a short knock on that retched door, quickly bringing that hand to my side.

"Is that my darling?" I heard his voice travel through the thick piece of oak, his footsteps echo through his chamber as he lumbers to the door.

"Yes, my lord. Reek tells me you wanted to see me," I look to the floor as the door creaks open, my green eyes shadowed by my dark curly hair.

"Darling girl, I want you to look at me when you speak. Those pretty eyes should be shown with pride." His hands pull me into his dark room. "Now, my love. Have you guessed why you are joining me tonight?"

My eyes locked with his as he plopped down in the large wooden chair by his window, his ice colored eyes were seeping into me waiting for my answer.

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