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This is the new and better version I guarantee y'all 👌🏼 (jk I don't, this book might probably have some lots of editing to go in the future so for now cope up with the misunderstandings y'all usually get from my shit writing)

The old version was way too naive ( Icouldntfindtherightwordlol) and too....... unreliable...? I didn't know ANYTHING about Mary Sues and just relied on what I learned from kids arguing about Mary Sues.

Now that I knowledge on what a Mary Sue really is, expect this to be waaaayyy better than the older one....... at least I think so lol.

(Holy shit, "Now that I knowledge" omg m8. I don't want to fix the actual thing so,

    "Now that I have enough knowledge")

I have stumbled into a few of Mary Sue OCs on deviantart and some other websites. And the owners are serious about them existing as well.

What the hell is a Mary Sue you ask?

A Mary Sue is a fictional character who is too perfect or a wish fulfillment. If you wanted rainbow hair, WHAZOW! RAINBOW HAIR! You wanted angel wings but wanted to make them look badass as well? SWOOP! Angel and Demon wings!! You wanted an Undertale oc? SKELETON!! Want it to be sexier? F CUP!! Have a crush on one of the characters? WEAK AS SHIT BUT ALSO DESCRIBED AS THE SCARIEST AND STRONGEST!! Like anime? NEKO EARS!! That combined it would create this:

kOnnicHiwaaaa mInnaaaaasaannnn~~ my nem is Neko Kawaii Mona Lisa!! Col me Nekamoli-chan!! i luuuuvvvv sanssssssss n i hab long bewtifel rainbow hauuurrr!! i am da long lost n prettier sister ov papyrus n also da long lost daughter ov torielllll~~ i wuz s rlly depressed wen i wuz in da human worlldd (I have 0 knowledge about Undertale ;w;) bc dey all bullId mei bc i am shu kawaii wuth mai rainbow haur n F fup brests. shu i fell into ds hole n met sans n realized mai famileh wuz in da Underrouudd!!!! i met loootttsss ov fre

Yeah no fuck that.

Technically when people (sOME) make OCs they just put in whatever they think is cool and all. They don't actually put thought into it and are mostly unreasonable and unrealistic.

Their parents are mostly dead and they are left in the doorsteps of their favorite character then they end up falling for that character and they live happily every after the end.

Mary Sues are perfect, unbelievably perfect. With no flaws whatsoever that keeps them balanced. Of course if you're going to have a completely human and normal character with no talents (except you have a reason for it) and anything relatable whatsoever then they're going to be really boring.

Soooo I guess that's all. Enjoy your ride kids.

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