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Pen Your Pride

Hey Julian 1

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"Hey Julian. I'm back. I miss you" I say putting the flowers down on his headstone

"Its been a month since your funeral now" I say looking down

"Michael decided he should move in so he can help me. He's moving in next week"

"I miss you so much, that it hurts. I can't think of you without crying. The twins said their first words. I just can't believe you're not here to witness it" I say crying

"Envy's first word was daddy. Mason's first word was mum" I say wiping my tears

"Everyone misses you. Even Ben" I say lightly laughing

"Jovani blamed me for your death. And I know it is my fault. If I didn't tell you to leave you wouldn't be dead" I say crying again

"I know you would want me to be happy, but how can I be happy without you"

"I miss you so much. I wish you were here. But we would be fighting.... Your family doesn't talk to me anymore"

"Andrea does, but I haven't talked to her in two weeks"

"Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael are gonna go on tour. They want me to come with them, but I don't think I could"

"I'm just a distraction. And with the twins it's a bigger distraction"

"I haven't broadcasted since you died. And people are always messaging me telling me I should broadcast"

"But I don't think I should. I need time. I want to bring the twins here, but I don't think I should. Their too young to know their dad is dead" I say putting my hand on the headstone

"I should go. I left Michael alone with the twins. I don't want him dying their hair. I'll come back tomorrow, like I always do" I say removing my hand

"I love you Julian. Bye" I say walking back to my car

So this is the first chapter to the sequel

I hope you like it because this is how its gonna go

I love you my bad bitches💋

- 344 words

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