Chapter 1

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Kirito laid on his bed, his dull lifeless eyes were staring at the door where two soft voices could be heard. He was sure that one of them belonged to Sugu, but he couldn't make up the other one, though he recognized it. Just then, thoughts were circulating through his head, recalling what has happened since the break up.

It has been four weeks since that day. School had ended a week ago, but that didn't change how he acted at all. Although he finished the year top of the class in two subjects, second in three, and fifth in one, his mental and physical health had depleted considerably. Since that day, he would do his school work then he would just stay in his room and he either stared at the ceiling or cried, sometimes even both. He barely ate the food he was given and he only slept when he couldn't stay awake.

His friends, even Asuna, would come to visit him when they can. But when they do, they would always see the same thing over and over again: Kirito laying on bed, with dried up tears on his face, while he stared at the ceiling. They would ask him something and try to communicate with him, sometimes even beg, yet he would just stay nothing, or in some occasions "sorry".

Suddenly the voices stopped, causing Kirito to snap out of his thoughts. Then, a clear feminine one could be heard.

"Are you sure?" it said.

As he heard the voice, he couldn't help but smile and without knowing it, he remembered the events that took place last night.
Kirito laid down on his bed, looking out the window. He doesn't usually sleep like this because the sun would be hitting his face when morning comes, but he had to.


Because there laid a girl on the floor at the opposite side of the room, he could tell that she was looking at him through the reflection of the window. He could see her pale delicate figure, her hair was loose which caused it to cover most of her face. He wanted to turn back to look at her, he wanted to turn back and talk to her, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Its not that he feared what she would say, nor was it because he feared that she wouldn't understand him. He couldn't turn back to look and talk to her because she was crying, he could hear her sniffling despite the softness of the sound.

He felt guilty.

He has seen the same thing with different people, but she was different. Something was mixed in when it came to her, but he couldn't put a finger on it. It was the kind of thing that made his heart die from sorrow, he wanted to go up and hug her every time that she cried, every time that she begged, every time that she talked. He wanted to tell her that he was gonna be okay and that she wouldn't need to worry anymore, he wanted to stop the crying, to stop her from hurting. But he couldn't, he couldn't find the strength to do it, and he hated it.

He, himself, was tearing up because of this. He caused an unexpectedly loud sniffle that, he didn't expect. This caught the girl's attention as she spoke.

"Kazuto, you know that we're always going to be here for you right?" the voice was soft, yet audible, "you know that we care...We're not mad at you or anything, we may not know what you're going through but know that we won't stop until the pain goes away...You've always been there for me, since we met all you've done was make my life better. You caused me to have friends, you made me happy, and you made me feel safe."

A small blush crept on her face, but thankfully Kirito didn't notice because of the darkness in the room.

"Since that day, you would take a portion of time in your day just to see me and pick me up from school. You didn't do it everyday, but that didn't matter to me because you were still doing what you were doing. I don't even know if you're awake right now, I don't know if I'm disturbing you or keeping you awake. I guess you can say that I'm a bother huh..."

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