Chapter 15

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//third persons pov// (time skip 3 months)
-(Y/n) and Adrien were planning their wedding. The ceremony was going to be in a couple of days. They were finishing their wedding invitations. Suddenly there was a harsh knock on the door. (Y/n) stood up and walked to the door,

"Who is it?" She said, immediately after that the door swung open, Alya and Marinette were standing in the doorway.

"Girl! We are going dress shopping!!!!!" Alya shouted in (Y/n)s ear. Marinette giggled. In the end poor Adrien had to do a lot of work while (Y/n) was dragged to the mall.


-The three girls were at a mall, the two bridesmaids were helping the bride choose a dress. After 2 hours of dress hunting
(Y/n) found the perfect dress.
(Choose one)

"This is it! It's perfect!" The bride said,  excitement and joy filled her voice,  the two bridesmaids were happy for her but one of them was a little curious about something,  so she asked,

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"This is it! It's perfect!" The bride said, excitement and joy filled her voice, the two bridesmaids were happy for her but one of them was a little curious about something, so she asked,

"(Y/n)? Who is your maid of honor?" Marinette asked, (y/n) giggled a little and said,

"Drea!" 'Of course' Marinette thought.

//Marinettes pov//
-of course it was Drea! Those two are like sisters! I bet Adriens best man is Nino...I should be the one marrying Adrien, not (Y/n)! I'm way better than her! I can draw and I can design, Adrien can pose, he's a model! We were just meant to be!  But no, she just had to move to France...and he just had to fall head over heels for her.

(Y/n) is my friend,  but that doesn't mean I'm not mad at her for stealing Adrien from me,  she doesn't have pictures of him in her walls! Like how does that relationship work?!

Whatever...the wedding must go on.

//your pov//
-I'm so happy that I found the dress,  not only for me but for Alya,  Drea and Marinette too!  They are just so beautiful! I bought the dress and we headed home.


-all the invitations were ready,  we bought the flowers,  called the photographer,  reserved a place for the party,  we set the budget,  we pre-wrote the thank-you cards for the gifts...we only need to buy the wedding rings...haha! Nope already bought Adriens,  cause if you didn't know the bride buys the grooms ring and the groom buys the brides ring.  Anyway,  Adrien and I sat down on the couch,  we both sighed from exhaustion. 

"Netflix?" I asked,  he looked at me then smirked,

"I'll go get the poptarts" he said as he walked to the kitchen.

He came back with a box of poptarts.  He sat down and cuddled next to me.  I grabbed the control and put on (how I met your mother/Grey's anatomy).


-since my father died,  Mr. Agreste was going walked me down the isle.  I was getting ready,  I put my hair up in a fact bun/brush it and make it look real nice,  then I put on my veil and my tiara,  it is was a silver tiara/top hat that matched my silver heels/flats.  Before I knew It, I had to walk down the isle,  Mr. Agreste came up to me and said,

"You'll be a great wife" he said in his usual monotone voice,

"Thanks Mr. Agreste!" I said,  he nodded

"Call me dad,  or Gabriel..." He said,

"Okay dad" I responded,  the doors opened and we walked down the isle.

The first people in the line were the bridesmaids,  Alya and Marinette; then it was the maid and matron of honor,  Nino and Drea;  then was the ring bearer,  Adriens little cousin;  after that the flower girl,  Drea's little sister; finally at the end of the line were me and Gabriel.  Everything seemed to move in slow motion,  my family was on the right side,  I saw my mom my aunts and uncles,  my cousins.  Then I looked to the left side and saw Adriens family,  his aunts and uncles,  cousins and friends.  It was a matter of seconds for us to get to the altar.  Gabriel handed me to Adrien and said,

"Take care of her son,  she is worth keeping" Adrien nodded while taking my hand.


The priest had the bible open,  he was about to make us man and wife...

"Do you (y/n) (l/n),  take Adrien Agreste to be your truly found husband?" He asked,  I looked at my fiancé and said,

"I do" I smiled he smiled,  then the priest moved on to Adrien,

"Do you Adrien Agreste,  take (y/n) (l/n) to be you one and only wife?" The priest asked, Adrien looked at me and smiled,

"I do" he said,  i was about to tear up,  but I couldn't,

" you may kiss the-groom?" He said,  but before he said bride I kissed Adrien.  We walked out o the wedding and into the to the party!!!!


//third persons pov//
-the party was great,  Adrien and (y/n) shared a couple slow dances,  they took a drink and guess what? The groom *cough* Adrien...duh *cough* already bought a house for them to live in,  isn't that romantic? (#goals).....

Let's just say that Adrien and (y/n) had an eventful night...and I'll leave that part to your imagination~

Wow this chapter wa longer than I thought... Longer than the last one...oops! Well here is chapter 15! I'm planning to do 20 chapters for this book and maybe make a sequel,  but idk... Well I'll try to make chapter 16 soon, maybe chappie 16 AND 17...before Wednesday~
PEACE OUT!!!!✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼

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