Authors Note

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I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time with this book. I am now studying and working at the same time so it's a very stressful time for me at the moment. I am currently not well with my Chronic Migraines and I had a procedure done yesterday to determine whether or not the dark spots that have been removed from my arm are cancerous or not, I won't know until Friday. I've been so busy I'm lucky to have updated my main book 'There Ain't No You If There Ain't No Me'. I will be updating my 2nd book 'Rivalrous Love' later on today when I have completed some of my study work. My brain is abit empty for this book currently, if anyone has any ideas or imagines they would like me to post hit me up. Even if it's just a simple idea you have I will turn it into a short story and dedicate it to you and/or tag you in the chapter, whatever you may have hit me up and I will post it tonight. I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night ❤️

 I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night ❤️

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